My monograph was published with Routledge in December 2019. Building on my PhD research, the book is the first of its type to provide empirical evidence on the subject of secularity in humanitarian response.

A second book, an volume co-edited with Kathryn Kraft of University of East London, was published in April 2020. Titled "International Development and Local Faith Actors: Ideological and Cultural Encounters," the book explores the interplay and dialogue between local faith communities and the humanitarian-development community.

In 2020, I am aiming to broaden my research to localization in the humanitarian sector in general.

Applied Research with Practitioner Partners

With the JLI, I work on several research projects for partners including UNICEF, UNHCR, Tearfund, World Vision, Religions for Peace, and others. I conduct and coordinate primary research and help communicate research findings through briefs and other materials and at events including the World Humanitarian Summit and the consultation processes for the Global Compact on Refugees. You can find out more about these projects by visiting

In my previous research consultancies, I have also collaborated with a range of humanitarian organizations, such as a case study with Tearfund and ICM on their disaster preparedness training for pastors, a report with Misean Cara on disaster resilience and the role of religion, and a report from Caritas Palo (a local arm of Caritas Internationalis) on the place of culture in community-based disaster risk reduction programs.

Disaster preparedness planning for local churches in the Visayan region of the Philippines

A chapel destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, re-purposed for drying laundry