Olivia J Wilkinson

I am a sociologist of humanitarianism and religion. My main research interests focus on social and cultural capital in disaster response and the influence of secular and religious values in shaping humanitarian action. I work at the intersection of sociology of religion and international humanitarian/development studies.

My monograph is called "Secular and Religious Dynamics in Humanitarian Response" and unpicks how secularity is one of many privileges and biases in the humanitarian system, making aid unfair and inappropriate.

I am currently Director of Research for the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities. I have a PhD and Master's in humanitarian action from Trinity College Dublin and Université catholique de Louvain respectively. My undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies is from the University of Cambridge. I have most recently been investigating the position of local faith actors in the localization of humanitarian and refugee response.


oliviajwilkinson [at] gmail dot com