Standing O

What is Standing O?

Standing O Theatre Company is the Theatre Department of Oswego High School! Throughout the year, we put on multiple performances as well as other opportunities to show off students' talent on and off stage!

Fall Play

All grades can audition for the fall play! This is the first show that Standing O puts on in the school year.

Winter Play

For this show, the performers are strictly freshmen and sophomores. The directors and producers consist of upperclassmen! All grades are able to join the writing team for this production!

Spring Musical

The Spring Musical is the final production of the Standing O season! All grades can audition. In this show, actors have the opportunity to sing as well as dance!


All grades can audition for the Oswego Funny Team! Improv meets weekly to prepare for their 2 performances, one in the fall and spring.

Crew Opportunities

Students who have a passion for the behind -the-scenes aspects of theatre, such as makeup, directing, sound, lighting, carpentry, and costuming, have multiple opportunities to pursue them! Performers are also assigned to a crew at the beginning of each production.

Coffee House

Each year, Coffee House raises money for a family or local need. Coffee House is similar to a cabaret! Students can perform any of their talents, and the time limit is 3 minutes. All grades can participate in Coffee House! Previous acts have included singing, spoken word, stand-up comedy, playing a musical instrument, and more! One of the best parts of this night is that you get to be a waitress/waiter for your family and friends. Those who come to see you can order treats: cookies, coffee, muffins, and more! Standing O is proud to support the community in this fun way!