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The Osage Education Foundation has been operating since 1999 on behalf of the Osage Community School District in Osage, Iowa.

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How we began........

In late 1999, a group of Osage alumni formed the Osage Education Foundation. This foundation, though independent of the Osage Community School District, will work with the school to fund new projects and opportunities that may be beyond the resources or outside the scope of our school system.

The Foundation hopes to harness the pride, energy and resources of the district’s alumni to support our current students. “Our Legacy…Their Future” is prominently featured on the organization’s letterhead. The Foundation will provide an opportunity to alumni, parents, community members and business leaders to support the continued excellence of the education provided to our young people at Osage Community Schools.

Please join the Board of Directors in supporting our students, faculty, and administration in their efforts to continue the history, the achievement, and the excellence of Osage Community Schools.

We are very thankful to our alumni for your generous support of our Foundation. With your help, we are truly enhancing the education of our students.

Through the support of our alumni, the Osage Education Foundation awards funds to faculty members to provide special projects in the classroom through mini-grants. Since we began awarding Education Grants in 2002, the Foundation has given more than $316,000 to our staff.

The Foundation also awards thousands of dollars in scholarship to graduating seniors from the support of our alumni and supporters of Osage Community School. Since 2001, a total of $482,00 has been awarded in scholarships.

Check out the slide show on the right. These are photos that have been published in past issues of The Spotlight newsletter..

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Osage School Song (taken from the song San Antonio)

Have you ever wondered where the tune for our school song came from? The tune is from the chorus of the song San Antonio. The link on the left will take you to a YouTube video where you can hear the original song being played! When it gets to the chorus, you will recognize the tune.

Osage Education Foundation Board of Directors

Rae Anne Havig —President

Marty Cooper—Vice President

Geri Thompson —Secretary

Laurie Boehmer —Treasurer

Dan Chodur

Del Gast

Jon Gisleson

Brad Havig

Judy Mayer

Bill Rowcliffe

Tracy Scharper

Barb Schwamman, Superintendent

Todd Frein, School Board Representative

The Osage Education Foundation meets on the 1st Thursday of every month at 6:00 in the school Board Room.