Getting The Best Ocean Survey Equipment

In Hydrography, Okeanus provides a product portfolio for mapping the seabed from very deep water to shallow water. Within that range, Okeanus can match client requirements for size, ease of use and performance with quality packages in accordance with the budget. Also, to providing complete solutions accessories that contribute ranging from sound speed sensors, brackets, mounting kits, gondolas, and cables to INS motion and system compensation including final processing, installation and delivery stations to meet requirements and ensure optimal end-performance systems can be provided by the company. The Okeanus provides Ocean Survey Equipment for single-beam echo sounders, multibeam echosounder systems, and multibeam scanning sonar. All sonar solutions produce industry standard data to interact with all major sonar hydrographic data collection packages.

The state of the ocean is an important indicator of the health of the planet as a whole. The key to any Hydrographic survey is tidal data and the Okeanus offers the option of tidal gauges for land and offshore / seabed applications along with telemetry packages for safe data transfer.

Echo sounders, both single and multi-beam require sound speed data to produce depth measurements correctly. The oceans offer the largest range of sound speed sensors and profilers that have world beat accuracy.

If it's simple, the sound of a small echo boat is needed with a single or dual frequency transducer and an external parameter interface with a GPS reference so we only have what you need at our portable Midas Surveyor, a single beam sounder echo.

Acoustic Releases and Its Usage

Acoustic Releases are used for the recovery of valuable underwater equipment. The release will hold on to the floating anchor of the instrument until instructed to release it. Acoustic Releases have the ability to receive and send signals to surface instruments. Use battery power and are usually designed to last for 1-2 years. Acoustic Releases can be used in shallow water or deep water, and for large, heavy, or smaller instruments. This release is very useful in deep areas where instruments cannot be recovered by diving.

Okeanus produces a wide variety of Acoustic Releases for shallow, medium and deepwater operations. Acoustic Releases have been used for decades as a safe and reliable way to disseminate and restore important underwater instrumentation. A safe acoustic command is sent from the upper side unit to the underwater unit to release up to 25 tons of instrumentation in line to the surface for recovery.

All Okeanus Acoustic Releases can be operated from universal top-side units, which provide access to a broad spectrum of system and diagnostic capabilities to ensure ease of operation and recovery of successful instrumentation. With more than 50 years of experience in underwater applications, the Okeanus Acoustic Release has become synonymous with quality and reliability, even in the harshest environments.