Current Hoover Cluster Students

Basic Steps


  • Students in the Hoover Cluster can now sign up at the Living Lab by filing out a paper application. Online applications for school-shed student members are currently not available.
  • After submitting a paper application, students and companions may receive their membership badge to complete the membership process.
  • A portal account will then be made for you using the email listed on the student application!
    • To access your account, please wait for an email saying that the account has been made. Follow the instructions in the email to gain access to your Portal Dashboard where the Calendar of Opportunities is available. This is where you can sign your student up for programs!
    • For more information on how to sign your student up for programs, please skip to the bottom of this page to the section titled How to Register your Student Member for Sessions.

How to Create an Ocean Discovery Portal Account

Step 1. Go to Ocean Discovery’s Registration Portal page, scroll down, and click on Create An Account to begin the account creation process:

Note: Please read instructions before proceeding. Some important things you should be aware of when registering a student member are:

  • You must be 18 years old to create an account. If you are under 18, please have an adult parent/guardian create an account and add you under Managed Family or Volunteer Group.
  • To register your Hoover Cluster student for School-shed programs, you will need your child's School ID Number.
  • Your login is your email account. If you forget your login email or password or encounter an error message, please contact Ocean Discovery staff. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.
  • We are here to help! Please contact Ocean Discovery at 619-795-8365 or email us at if you have questions.

Step 2. Enter Account Information:

a. Email: This email address will be assigned to you as your username to log into the portal. Make sure to enter an email you check regularly. Please make sure you write your email down as you will need it anytime you want to sign up for opportunities.

b. Password: You will need your email to retrieve a lost password. Note that your password must conform to the requirements indicated on the screen. Please make sure you write your password down.

Step 3. Enter Name and Address information. More specifically, please include First Name and Last Name, Current Address, City, State, and Postal/Zip Code.

Step 4. Enter your demographic information. This information includes Date of Birth, Gender, Hispanic/Latino (yes or no), and Race.

Step 5. If you would like to receive email messages about our opportunities at an alternate email address (e.g., another family member), enter an email address in the Notification Email field.

Step 6. If you would like to receive reminders about programs or service days by text message, enter your Mobile Number (cell phone number) here.

Note: You will NOT be charged any fees for accepting text messages from Ocean Discovery Institute. Additional data charges from your carrier may apply.

Step 7. Select your Reason for Registering with Ocean Discovery. You can select more than one option if applicable. Please select all options that apply to you.

Note: To select multiple options, select your first option, then click the field again and the same list will pop up with the already selected field in grey. Continue to select as many options that apply.

Step 8. Please skip this question. Do NOT enter any information in Requested Organizations.

Step 9. Please enter your Family Emergency Contact information. You must enter at least one emergency contact that Ocean Discovery staff can contact in case you and/or your family members have an emergency while participating in opportunities with Ocean Discovery. Click on the Add Contact button for every new contact you wish to enter.

Step 10. Once you have entered your account information and reviewed our Ocean Discovery Community Agreement, click Submit.

Note: By clicking submit, you agree to join Ocean Discovery Institute in an effort to successfully create a safe and welcoming environment for you/your child and others to make discoveries, by upholding the Community Agreement.

After you submit your account information, you will receive an email providing you with your login information as well as the DataPropeller website. Keep this for future reference.

How to Create a Family Account

Step 1. After your account information has been submitted, you will have access to your portal. To login, go back to the registration portal at and select Login in the top right corner.

Step 2. Once successfully logged in, click on the Main Menu, and select Manage Family or Volunteer Group.

Step 3. Under Group Name type the name you would like to give your family group. Examples include "Marquez Family" or "Santos Family". Then click Create.

Step 4. In order to add your child or children to your account, first click Select next to the group you would like to add them to.

Step 5. Next, click on View Family or Volunteer Group Details.

Step 6. Next, click on Connect to School-shed Student.

Step 7. To find your child in our database, please be sure to complete all 4 fields. These include Student ID, Date of Birth, School, and Grade Level. Once your child's information has been entered, you can either Submit and Add Another child to your group, or you can Submit and Complete.

To Submit a Student Member Application

Step 1. Once you have added your child or children to your Family Group, their names will be displayed next to yours as demonstrated in the picture below. In order for your child to be a School-shed Student Member of Ocean Discovery Institute, you must fill out a MEMBER (Hoover High Cluster Student) Application. To access this application, click Select next to the name of the child you would like to apply for.

Step 2. Next, select the green button titled Applications.

Step 3. Next, click on the green Apply button next to the MEMBER (Hoover High Cluster Student) application.

Note: Once you have selected your application, please make sure to follow all directions on the application screen.

Here are some helpful hints for completing the application.

a. You can select multiple answers for some questions. To choose multiple options, click CTRL on your keyboard and select all options that apply.

b. For single response questions, please make sure to select the best option.

c. When entering text, please make sure to keep your response as short and concise as possible.

d. Questions highlighted in GREEN are those that have been answered, those in RED are those that are required, and questions that have not been answered or are optional will display no color.

e. Click Next Screen at the bottom of each page to advance to the next section or Previous Screen if you would like to review or make any changes to your responses. Once entered, your responses will be automatically saved.

f. Once all sections are completed and you have reviewed your responses, click Submit. You will see a message saying that the application has been submitted.

Step 4. Fill out the MEMBER (Hoover High Cluster Student) Application for your selected student. Please make sure to follow all directions in each section of the application.

Note: The following goes through each section and question in the MEMBER (Hoover High Cluster Student) Application, answering any questions that may arise.

Youth Member – Why Participate?

Question 1. Select all the reasons that apply to why you are enrolling your child as a Member of Ocean Discovery Institute. Then click Next Screen.

Youth Member – Language

Question 1. Select the language that is the parents preferred language.

Question 2. Select any other languages that are spoken at home. If the parents preferred language is English and there are no other additional languages spoken at home, please select None for this question. Then click Next Screen.

Emergency Contact

Question 1/2/3. Enter up to 3 emergency contacts the following format: First Name Last Name, Relationship, Phone Number: (XXX)-XXX-XXXX. For Example, Emergency Contact #1: Erika Moreno, Mother, (619)555-5555. Once at least one name has been entered, click Next Screen.

Youth Member – Companion

Question 1. When present at the Living Lab, if your student is in 5th grade or below, they must be with their Companion at all times.

Question 2. Please provide the information of the people you would like listed as your student's companion. If your student does NOT require a companion, do not enter anything for question 2 and then click Next Screen.

        • A Companion can be someone who is a Member in 6th grade or higher, a family-approved adult, or the student's parent.
        • A maximum of 3 children can be overseen by one Companion if that Companion is listed in each student's profile.

Youth Member – Acknowledgements

Question 1. Please let us know whether or not you consent to have your student photographed, recorded or videotaped by Ocean Discovery Institute and their partners.

Question 2. As part of the application process, it is also required for all future Members to complete an orientation of the Living Lab and receive an official Member Identification badge. Please note that should you not agree to the terms in Question 2, your student will NOT be approved to become a member.

Question 3. Please click on the file attachment to open, and review the document. Select My child agrees to abide by the Community Agreement to agree to the terms. Please note that should you not agree to the terms, your application will NOT be approved.

Question 4. Please click on the file attachment to open, and review the document. Select I authorize the Member Release and Waiver Liability form for my child to agree to the terms. Please note that should you not agree to the terms, your application will NOT be approved.


Question 1. To confirm that the information you have entered in this application is true, type your first and last name.

Question 2. Select today’s date. Click on the Submit Application button when finished.

After you submit your child's application you will receive an email from us and a message on your portal regarding your application status.

  • You will be able to print your application after it is submitted. When viewing the list of applications, the file will be available next to the application you submitted. Here, you can review your responses and your application status.
  • You will be notified by email and portal within the next 2 days if your application has been approved.
  • If you have any questions regarding your application status, please contact us at 619-795-8365 or email us at

How to Register Your Student Member for Sessions

Once your student is approved, they become a School-Shed Student Member with Ocean Discovery Institute. You can then register your student member for sessions.

Step 1. Once logged in your Portal Dashboard will open.

Step 2. Under the Getting Started - View Session Calendar, click View.

Step 3. The Calendar of Opportunities page will open.

NOTE: All School-Shed Member Programs are displayed in the color blue.

Step 4. Find the School-shed Member session that you would like to sign up for.

  • On the Calendar of Opportunities, the session will tell you basic details such as the session name, date, and start time. (See Example Above: NAKOA Warriors at 8 am on the 19th)
  • To view Session Details at a glance, you can hover the cursor over the desired session without clicking on it.
  • To view full session details, click on the desired session and the Session Description page will open and display the full session details.

Step 5. Confirm that this is the session you want to sign up for, then click Register.

Step 6. Click [YOUR STUDENT'S NAME] to register that student member for the School-Shed Program.

Step 7. Upon registering, the Enrollment Summary page will open. This is a confirmation page to show that you have successfully signed up for the volunteer opportunity.

Step 8. In addition to the Enrollment Summary, you will also receive an email confirming your enrollment date.