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Adaptive FACS



No Sew Bags

Students can take old t-shirts to create a reusable bag for the store.

Making Butter

Have students compete in class and take it home to add herbs. Students can use flip grid to share out what they did with their butter and what they could use it on. Some students can have a marble inside to see if it will go faster. (Different sized marbles can be used to see if it changes the experiment)

One Hand Crack

Students can practice and then make their own eggs during class. 

Ice Cream in a Bag

Students can put their ingredients in the bag and shake to make their own ice cream. Students can individually make their own sundaes with their ice cream.

Make Play Dough

Students can then bring it in to practice their knife skills and then the play dough can be taken home to use as a stress ball. 

VR Goggle Field Trips

Students can take trips with their VR Goggles: Explore different careers and businesses