OKSNAR - Fully Assembled State - Soviet Nuclear Weapons in Hungary 1961-1991

The concept of using nuclear weapons in an armed conflict during the Cold War stemmed from the Soviet Union’s military doctrine. Although the strategic plans of the Soviets have not been made public, we can certainly say that it was an offensive doctrine. Even though nuclear weapons found their way into Hungary much earlier in 1960-61 when the Southern Group of the Soviet Armed Forces stationed in Hungary, acquired aircraft that was capable of carrying such weapons. It was at that time that the first permanent and well-secured storage site for nuclear bombs was built on the airfield in Kunmadaras. Then several followed through the next decades. The Southern front of the Soviet and Hungarian combined nuclear forces and warhead inventories were more than adequate for a successful and massive tactical nuclear strikes.

The authors spent nearly 10 years to collect and analyze information, documents, and photographic evidence about nuclear weapons in Hungary. Their book is focused not only on nuclear weapons but their delivery systems, storages and military units which were connected to nuclear weapons in Hungary. Also, focusing on the political decisions, Warsaw Pacts plans and creating precise calculation of how many nuclear delivery systems, and warheads could be stationed in Hungary between 1961-1991. The book contains 650 photos, 3D renders and drawings including many unpublished photographs.

  • Title: OKSNAR - Fully assembled state - Soviet nuclear weapons in Hungary 1961-1991
  • Type: Hardcover + dust cover
  • Pages: 252, contain 650 photos and illustration
  • Publisher: Self-published by the authors - Laszlo Becz - Szabolcs Kizmus - Tamas Varhegyi
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 6150053974
  • ISBN-13: 9786150053974
  • Dimensions: 230x210mm
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