Q: How do I become a Member of NRVCHE?

A: You can visit this link to learn more about becoming a member.

Q: How do I post to the Forum?

A: Become a member of NRVCHE. Simply click here to get started. If you're already a member, here are some tips getting started in the Forum.

Q: Does NRVCHE sponsor events?

A: We encourage our members to organize events and post them in the Forum. If you're a member and you find you need help with helping get an event started, feel free to contact nrvche@gmail.com, and the Board of Directors can help you along the way!

Q: How do I post to the Forum/Classifieds?

A: If you've logged in and are able to view the Forum. You can choose New Topic and choose what Category it may fit into:

--If you're selling or buying something, or in search of an item in the community, use the Classifieds categories (ex. Curriculum For Sale, Curriculum Wanted, etc.)

--If you're posting a general Discussion kind of message, use the Discussion Forum categories (ex. Homeschool Activities, Classes, Opportunities, etc.)

Q: How do I edit my Forum/Classifieds post?

A: You can't edit a post once it's submitted, but you can Delete your post, or Reply to it with whatever edits you'd like to make.

Q: How do I add something to the Calendar?

A: If you're a Member, you can open the Calendar from the Homepage. If you find you can't add an event to the Calendar, you can still post it in the Forum, and an Administrator will update the Calendar.

Q: How can I find contact information for other NRVCHE Members?

A: There's a list on the Directory page of the current members.

There's also more answers to frequently asked questions in these NRVCHE documents: