“You were there for me, whether I had a quick question or needed to talk for hours.”

-A Patient

“Not only were the Chaplains there for the patient’s family, but also for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Northern Michigan Regional Hospital Nurse

"In the Emergency Room, we often utilize the Chaplains because they are extremely valuable to the patients, their families, and especially the Colleagues.”

-Northern Michigan Regional Hospital ER Team Leader

“A very heartfelt thank you for spending so much time with our daughter while she was in ICU. Not having you there would have added to our grief and pain. Thank you for knowing what our family was going through and understanding how to help.”

-Parents of ICU patient

“The Chaplaincy is a highly valued part of Northern Michigan Regional Hospital for patients, families, ad hospital Colleagues. Social workers often look to them to give patients and families an additional level of support, encouragement, and reassurance that is very unique to the care that they provide and has proven to make all the difference in patients’ and families’ lives during their recovery ad healing process here at the hospital.”

-Northern Michigan Regional Hospital Social Worker

“The Chaplains are very valuable to me as a pastor from a distant town. They are readily available when my parishioners are admitted and can make repeat visits on my behalf. They are also very good at keeping me updated on a patient’s condition. I have invited them to my church so that my parishioners can become familiar with them before they need their services. They provide excellent pastoral care in my absence.”

-Pastor in Cheboygan County

“Chaplain Services provide support for patients and family members who are asking the question, ‘Why is this happening to us?’ Physical illnesses raise many difficult to answer questions about the ‘purpose’ and ‘meaning’ of life. The Chaplaincy service has been excellent at avoiding simplistic answers; instead, they choose to focus on being a physical and spiritual presence during a time of crisis. I have also referred outpatients to the Chaplaincy for grief and loss issues.”

-Physician, Internal Medicine Northern Michigan