Counseling Services

My approach unites cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with the tools of mindfulness meditation. This reflects the new era in psychotherapy, a powerful blend of Eastern and Western traditions.

In CBT, we focus on our negative self-talk, the repeated stories we tell ourselves about our situation. Negative emotions are the effect that self-talk has on our body. We can work directly with self-talk to alter and soothe our negative emotions. At the same time, mindfulness meditation, the secret of Eastern practices for over 2,500 years, works with the breath and body to calm the mind. These science-based techniques promote beneficial shifts in body and brain function.

"But there is something wrong with me. That's why I'm seeking help." Yes. You are not here because things are great. Even if you are not experiencing severe pain or confusion, something is not quite right. But it's your basic intelligence that is leading you here now. This basic goodness can be obscured by clouds of confusion, but these clouds don't damage the sun. There is nothing wrong with your true self, your personal being.

Good people, bad situations. As a couple, you may be facing a breakdown in the relationship's sense of well-being. In place of the patterns of blame that commonly set in, counseling should provide training in the active empathy and trust that will ease conflict. I help women understand how men think and function in a relationship. And I make a strong connection with men, with what it's like for us as we relate to women. I assume both partners are basically healthy and I look for destructive communication patterns, past and present. As a therapist, I believe the most dangerous thing is to give up and think "Other people can do this and get better, but I can't." Instead, we look at what hooks us with curiosity and humor. No criticism, no judgment. By coming to this site, by doing this work, you're going far beyond those who give up and do nothing.