Counseling for Men and Women

Boulder - Denver

"I know I need something different if I really want to move on."

“I’ve tried a lot of things... I’m looking for something that works.”

“I’m looking for a new start after my relationship has ended. “

"I feel a bit lost; I need some guidance and direction."

You might recognize some of these sentiments. There's so much opportunity for growth when bad things happen to us. That opportunity isn't always embraced, but I assure you, when we sit together and explore patterns and beliefs you might hold, you will have a greater sense of your inner happiness and confidence.

"I am not a shrink. I am an expander."

After 30 years of practicing therapy and counseling in Boulder, Norm Gibson sees all people as inherently intelligent and healthy. In the face of pain and confusion, we can access that clarity and confidence that is already inside us. We never give up on ourselves, or our relationship.

Using the best tools that come from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and from Mindfulness Practice, you can actually become your own personal therapist. Norm gives you the support to do just that.

Norm can help with:

  • Depression and Anxiety Issues
  • Bi Polar Mood Disorders
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Men's and Women's Issues
  • Couples and Relationships Counseling
  • Marriage and Divorce Counseling
  • Rebuilding After Divorce Seminars