No Plastics for Lent


No Plastics for Lent

The #NoPlasticsforLent initiative, led by young adults across the church, calls us to prayer for creation, to lament the ways we have been complicit in the degradation of the earth, and to action to care for our neighbor in fasting from the things that are hurting our planet.

We want this initiative to be accessible to all, so we invite you to sustainability practices that make sense for you and are possible for you in your context or community. 

We encourage you to develop a commitment to practice during this 40-days that turns our attention towards caring for creation. This could be fasting from single-use plastics, eating locally, using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, shopping at farmer's markets, etc. 

Each Lent we publish a pledge where individuals, families, and communities can share whatever it is that they’ve pledged to do to fast from degradation of creation this Lenten season!

Over the course of Lent, we publish live videos, devotionals, resources, and host weekly discussion groups led by young adults who are passionate about their spirituality and about care for creation.