Norsk Forening for Bildebehandling og Maskinlæring

NOBIM is a professional forum for image processing and machine learning. NOBIM covers all topics in image processing and machine learning and creates a meeting place between those who develop scientific methods and those who are looking for solutions for specific problems.

What's new?

31 January 2022

NOBIM general meeting was held 12:00 on 31. January online. Notice can be found here.

6 May 2022

NOBIM is sponsoring NORA startup in Kristiansand. More information can be found here.

What we do?

Evening seminar

It's a free scientific seminar with topics related to image processing or machine learning. It's also a good place to meet other professional in your area.

NOBIM Conference

NOBIM conference is an national conference in image processing and machine learning. A perfect place for networking.

The previous NOBIM-conference was held in Gardermoen, Oslo, 13.-14. september 2021.

Scandiavian Conference on Image Analysis is a nordic conference within image processing. It's usually held in Norway, Sweden, Danmark and Finland.

SCIA 2019 wi Norrköping, Sweden.

Become a member?

Members in NOBIM receive information on conference arrangements, open positions and other relevant information. Memebers also receive discounts for conferences arranged by NOBIM.

We offer our corporate members cost-free announcement of vacant positions on our website and by email.

The memebership costs 200 kr for personal members (free for non-PhD students) and 1500 kr for companies.

To sign up, just send an email to

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