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Departmental performance scorecard Social impact measures

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What are the Social Impact Measures?

Social Impact measurement is the measurement of social change for the targeted population attributed to the activities of an organization during a specific period of time. Below is how HSD measures impact:

  • The total amount of SNAP benefits issued are divided by the state average meal cost to provide an estimated number of meals provided to New Mexicans.

  • The number of New Mexicans with access to healthcare is generated by looking a the number of individuals with Medicaid coverage.

  • The total number of TANF cases shows how many families were provided shelter and other necessities.

  • The total cases of LIHEAP support provided shows how many homes were heated and cooled for New Mexicans.

  • Child support collections shows the amount supporting each individual child every month.

  • The unique number of New Mexicans supported by behavioral health programs and services are calculated each quarter and estimated for the calendar year.

See a summary dashboard on the HSD homepage.

Data over time:

Questions about these measures?

  • For SNAP, TANF, and LIHEAP, contact Karmela Martinez, Director, Income Support Division.

  • For Medicaid, contact John Padilla, Systems Bureau Chief, Medical Assistance Division.

  • For Child Support, contact Jeff Creecy, Bureau Chief, Business and Information Support, Child Support Enforcement Division.

  • For Behavioral Health, contact Jason Martinez, Behavioral Health Services Division.

Questions about terms used? Check the Glossary for an explanation.

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