The "New Horizons on Nanostructured Magnetic Materials" (H-MAG) workshop series is an exciting biannual event dedicated to advancing the field of nanostructured magnetic materials. Each year, this dynamic workshop focuses on a different cutting-edge topic, attracting a diverse audience of academic scientists, researchers, and industry professionals. Participants come together to share their experiences, discuss the latest achievements, and address the challenges in modeling, fabrication, and characterization of nanostructured magnetic materials, devices, and systems.

Our vision for the H-MAG workshop is to establish it as a prestigious event in the field of nanostructured magnetic materials. By emphasizing different topics biannually, we ensure a fresh and varied perspective that appeals to those interested in exploring the new frontiers of this exciting field.

The workshop will take place in the city of Iglesias, located in the enchanting south-western corner of Sardegna, Italy. Iglesias is renowned for its rich cultural attractions, centuries-old traditions, and breathtaking natural beauty, providing an inspiring backdrop for our gathering.

In its inaugural year, the H-MAG '24 workshop will be held as a satellite event of the ICM24 conference and will kick off with the theme Magnetic particles: From Bottom-Up to Top-Down Approaches, designed to stimulate the discussion on strategies, properties and applications of magnetic particles, obtained by using both bottom-up and top-down fabrication processes.
The workshop will last 3 days (June 27th - 29th, 2024) and the program will include invited talks and selected contributions from early career researchers.