Supportive Services

Income Support

The New Jersey Department of Human Services offers a variety of programs for individuals and families who need income assistance. Please call 800-792-9773, submit this online form, or visit NJHelps to see if you are eligible for assistance.

If you cannot work because of sickness or injury not caused by your job, you may be eligible for Temporary Disability Insurance benefits. File your claim online for faster service.

In addition, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits such as Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income. Find out if you qualify at

Housing & Utilities Support

State & Federal Resources

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs offers a variety of programs to help prevent homelessness, including rent and mortgage assistance. To find out if you qualify for any of these programs, please call 609-292-4080 or email Customer Service.

For the 2020 COVID-19 Emergency Rental Service program please visit this site.

The State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) provides tenant-based and project-based rental assistance grants for up to five years to renters who are not currently holding a federal Section 8 voucher. Individuals residing in a household receiving an SRAP subsidy must participate in the employment and training services provided by their local One-Stop Career Center.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs also offers programs to assist you with your utility bills. For more information or to locate your nearest application agency, please call 800-510-3102 or email Energy Assistance.

Get information on emergency and temporary housing at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's website.

If you're behind on your mortgage payments, or worried about how you'll make the next one, find the US Department of the Treasury and US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Making Home Affordable program that is right for you.

The New Jersey Departments of Community Affairs (DCA) and Human Services (DHS) along with the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (HMFA) have launched the Special Needs Housing Partnership Loan Program (SNHPLP) which is aimed at creating affordable, supportive housing for people with developmental disabilities.

If you need emergency shelter, shelter during frigid temperatures, or shelter any time at all, please see the New Jersey Social Services for the Homeless (SSH) list of homeless hotlines by county.

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit agencies throughout New Jersey can help those in need of housing and utility assistance. For a complete list, please visit

Child Care Support

State & Federal Resources

The New Jersey Department of Human Services offers subsidies for child care and works with child care resources and referral agencies to help you find child care. For more information about state subsidies, or for help in finding quality child care, please call the Child Care Helpline at 800-332-9227.

The US Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families partners with programs that encourage strong, healthy, supportive communities that promote economic independence, productivity, and childhood development.

Food Support

State Resources

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (NJ SNAP, formerly Food Stamps) helps families buy the groceries they need to eat healthy. Eligibility depends on income, household size, and resources. You can apply for NJ SNAP online at NJOneApp or in person at your County Welfare Agency.

The New Jersey Department of Health's Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program provides nutritious foods, nutrition education and counseling, immunization screening, and health care referrals to moms-to-be, moms, and kids up to the age of five. WIC service agencies are conveniently located throughout New Jersey. To see if you qualify, please call your local WIC service agency or 800-328-3838 to find a service agency near you.

New Jersey's food banks provide food and nutrition education to those in need and seek long-term solutions to the problem of hunger. They provide millions of pounds of food to hundreds of food pantries, community kitchens, shelters, after school programs, and senior centers throughout the state each year.

Health Care

State & Federal resources

The New Jersey Department of Health offers many programs and services to help keep New Jerseyans healthy. For information on available services, please visit the New Jersey Department of Health's website or call 800-367-6543.

The New Jersey Department of Human Services administers NJ FamilyCare, where qualified New Jersey residents of any age may be eligible for free or low cost health insurance that covers doctor visits, prescriptions, vision, dental care, mental health, substance use services, and hospitalizations. You can apply for NJ FamilyCare online or call 800-701-0710 for assistance with your application.

Individuals ineligible for NJ FamilyCare can find information on other insurance affordability programs at

NJ Medicaid provides health insurance to parents, caretakers, and dependent children, pregnant women, and people who are aged, blind, or disabled. These programs pay for hospital services, doctor visits, prescriptions, nursing home care, and other health care needs. For questions about NJ Medicaid, please call 800-356-1561 or your County Welfare Agency.

The NJ Medicare Information and Referral Service provides free counseling to seniors regarding Medicare and other insurance issues. Please call 800-792-8820 for assistance. provides information on how to get started with Medicare, your Medicare coverage choices, and when and how to apply.

Nonprofit Resources

For a complete list of nonprofit agencies in New Jersey that can help you and your family with your health care needs, please visit

Federal Bonding Information for Job Seekers

What is Federal Bonding?

Are you having difficulty obtaining employment because of something negative in your past? Are you seen as a "risky" job candidate because of a poor credit score or an irregular work history? The Federal Bonding program can help assure employers that you are a safe bet for a position.

The Federal Bonding program helps "at-risk" or hard-to-place jobseekers obtain employment. Talk to a bonding representative at your local One-Stop Career Center today. A bonding representative can provide a potential employer a fidelity bond, which is a special type of insurance that protects employers from employee dishonesty resulting in loss of money or property. Employers are more willing to hire a job applicant who is seen as “at-risk” if he or she has a fidelity bond.

Do I qualify?

If something in your past has lead employers to question your honesty and deny you a job, you may qualify. The Federal Bonding program has helped:

  • individuals with poor personal credit.
  • individuals dishonorably discharged from the military.
  • people lacking work history.
  • ex-offenders.
  • recovering substance abusers.

The Federal Bonding program is sponsored by the US Department of Labor in partnership with Travelers Property Casualty Insurance Company.

For more information:

Talk to a bonding representative today to learn how a fidelity bond can help you secure employment. Visit your local One-Stop Career Center or contact:

James Rimalover, New Jersey State Bonding Coordinator