Mission, Services, Beliefs and Methodology

To provide faith based counseling to help people find freedom from childhood and life experience trauma


· We offer faith based counseling using Biblical wisdom, counselor training and personal experience to help heal the soul and provide healthy ways to deal with the challenges of life.

· We specialize in finding pathways to freedom for those who are bound up by effects of childhood or life trauma and addictions

· We are an affordable counseling service. We do not charge a fee but provide an opportunity for donations depending on the ability to donate.

· We have counselors who are certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors; Coach Training Alliance and intensive training in the Marilyn Murray Method

· We do not have licensed psychologists, counselors or therapists


We Believe..

· The power of God is available for inner healing of emotional trauma, past hurts and painful situations

o That we can revisit those traumatic moments and invite the Lord to enter with us into those situations and events and heal those painful memories and free us to live productive lives

o That we can progressively redefine our identity and destiny based on our freedom from the effects of those traumatic events

o That we can look at the trauma and pain in our lives with the assurance that God will heal those areas on which we have given up

· Forgiveness is a process not an event

o God encourages us to forgive

o Forgiveness releases the forgiver more than the forgiven

o Forgiveness is a decision by the forgiver to remove the desire to see harm done to the forgiven

o Forgiveness does not release the forgiven from responsibility of the offense nor require the forgiver to remain in harm’s way nor be in relationship with the forgiven

o Forgiveness does not require that the forgiver forget the offense or remove all anger connected with the offense

· People who seek counseling will be treated with respect and dignity and they are responsible for their own growth and maturity

o Everyone needs to be accepted as they are and encouraged to see themselves as the Lord does and that is as children of God

o We all dislike change and yet to continue dysfunctional behavior expecting different results is the definition of insanity

o We provide healthy alternatives to allow our clients to experience the various pathways to freedom from destructive and dysfunctional behavior

· God wants for us to experience life to the fullest and that means

o There are concepts and ways of behaving in the Bible that can help us live better more productive lives

o God gives healthy guidelines for behavior in the Bible that were designed to provide the most help in living happy lives

o We have the opportunity to accept that challenge of moving in the direction of our health and wholeness but it is our choice and that begins with the acceptance that God has a better way for us

History: 40th Anniversary of New Life Counseling Center

Otis Fox has been a pastor since 1957, dedicating his life to helping people find freedom. He has a heart for people suffering from the effects of self-induced or other induced trauma and has been able to help thousands of people in the Oxnard Ventura area to step into wholeness and peace of mind.

In the mid-1970s his pastoral counseling ministry helping people was taking more time than he was able to give while still pastoring a church. His counseling was effective and encouraging and was so successful that asked the Lord what to do and so decided to go into counseling full time and leave his pastoral responsibilities.

So in 1978, forty years ago, he founded New Life Counseling Center and located in the US Bank building in Oxnard. He soon found that location to be too separated from the people he served and so about a year later moved to general location where the center is today in central Oxnard.


· Our counseling methodology is based on the Murray Method as outlined in the book of that title. Marilyn Murray has dedicated her life to healing childhood trauma by becoming a healthy balanced person. She is focused, as we are, on providing the skillset, tools and methods to create wholeness beyond trauma, abuse, neglect and addiction.

· The Murray Method is used in treatment facilities throughout the United States and has been taught to thousands of health professionals, students and clergy from over 30 countries

· We follow basic Guideposts to progress toward becoming a balanced person outlined in her book:

o Guidepost 1 – Purpose and Processes – Identifying the emotional pain as well as the Root causes and Patterns of ineffective ways of dealing with our past.

o Guidepost 2 – Balance and Health – Relieving the pool of pain; Recognizing the importance of allowing ourselves to feel; Reclaiming our Original Feeling Child; Re-Establishing our intimacy with God.

o Guidepost 3 – Faith and Values – Returning to our roots and establishing a new baseline for normal with hope for the future.

o Guidepost 4 – Actions and Accountability – Facing our old patterns of behavior including victimization and addictions with the focus on becoming balanced

o Guidepost 5 – Wisdom and Maturity - Defining the healing journey and establishing healthy goals for our future state