About Us

New Life has a dedicated staff; providing compassionate, wise and spiritually discerning counsel to those we serve

Otis Fox

Otis Fox is the Pastor and founder of New Life Counseling Center. He and his wife Lynn guide the Center and provide the care and understanding that encourages the staff and keeps NLCC on track and true to it’s mission. He has a personal relationship with Marilyn Murray and was instrumental in sponsoring her work here in the Ventura County area. He is a man of God with a heart of compassion for the needs of the Oxnard/Ventura area and has a burgeoning practice. He is the elder statesman for the Biblical Counseling Community here in Ventura County.

Lynn Fox

Lynn serves as Business Manager and counselor at New Life as well as being our staff "mom". Her mission in life is to "Encourage, Enlighten and Inspire those around her through God's Love, wisdom and understanding." She has a diploma in Biblical Counseling through the "American Association of Christian Counselors" and has been on the Board of New Life Counseling for 25 years. She has taught at Calvary Community Church in West Lake for eight years in a career transition ministry called "Career Transition Now". This ministry and New Life Counseling have been the centers for helping people get in alignment with where God wants them to be. This is where God has used her the most. She assists in all aspects of New Life and truly loves what she does.

Larry Faulkner

Larry is the Director of the New Life Counseling Center. He has a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling; is an ordained minister; is an CTA Certified Life Coach and has been a part of pastoral counseling ministries for over 30 years. His compassion, experience, wisdom, training and spiritual guidance qualify him for the service he provides and has given him a rich background for his counseling ministry. Larry has directed a number of counseling centers and services; is a Life Coach with the MarriageWell and has worked with various church and religious organizations as Minister of counseling, Pastor and teacher. His personal mission statement is to have the love of the Lord shine through his life as uncontaminated as possible.

Pamela Faulkner

Pamela Faulkner is a Certified Dynamic Marriage Instructor who has a heart of compassion for those in need and has been a part of church marriage ministry and counseling for the past 12 years. She has worked as a controller for The Heritage Consultants Inc and Business Analyst for numerous non-profit organizations and churches. She has been a leader in Women's Ministry and couples counseling as well as a certified teacher of Dynamic Marriage which is a transformative interactive course taught across the nation. Her role with New Life is assisting with the business side of the organization and she is active as a volunteer in political and community service organizations in the community.

Moises and Maria Huerta

Maria is a pastor’s wife and an accomplished counselor both in English and Spanish. Her mission statement is "To encourage, inspire and help accomplish the transformation of the mind and to heal the broken heart". She has a degree in Counseling Ministry from Summit Bible College and she has served as a counselor/adviser to students at Summit to assist in their entrance documentation as well as their choice of classes and focus for their lives. She enabled students to set goals and determine the steps and formulate the pathway to achieve those goals. She has facilitated growth groups and partners with her husband to pastor their congregation. She is a dedicated counselor with an ambition to help families to succeed in meeting the challenges of our culture. Her experience in counseling spans both faith based and secular institutions and she has a broad and diverse experience base.

Jayce Garcia-Herrera

Jayce has earned a Diploma as a Biblical Counselor from American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) in 2008. She recently graduated with honors in 2017 from Oxnard College. While at Oxnard college she earned a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Studies through the Criminal Justice field. Jayce's expertise is in adolescent counseling and describes this as her calling from Christ. When asked about her work, Jayce has gone on to state "My passion is to work with children and teens. I continue to constantly seek out current and new learning techniques that can help me better equip those I counsel with the tools to utilize and overcome their struggles and pain. I encourage prayer, open communication and discernment, all as tools for breakthrough and healing."

Pattie Graham

Pattie Graham has worked in the church counseling field for 20 years and has an AA degree as well as a degree in Biblical Counseling from the American Association of Christian Counselors. She was a counselor and probation liaison for the Victory Life Men's Home and served as facilitator for a women's groups and Celebrate Recovery for Word of Life Church. Pattie has been in mentor training with Otis Fox for the past 3 years having completed the Otis Fox training program for counselors and has completed training in Marilyn Murray Workshops. Pattie has served with community groups such as the Community Gang Intervention Group and Addiction Prevention Groups.

Mona Beaulieu

Originally born and raised on the East Coast in Massachusetts, Mona was the pioneer of her family and moved to Southern California over twenty years ago. Mona's life experience laid the foundation and equipped her for a deep understanding of the world of addiction. She began an outstanding career in the health and fitness industry traveling nationally and internationally helping people optimize their fitness goals, serving a vast clientele including professional athletes, actors, and producers in the film industry. Her work evolved in Mind, Body, and Spirit leading her to continue her education to become a CCAPP (formerly CAADAC) addiction specialist treating drug, alcohol and co-occurring disorders. Mona's therapeutic training style is based on Dr. Carl Rogers client centered approach and Dr. Gabor Mate's attachment theory. She believes in holistic treatment dealing with the health of the brain, the body, and the spirit in totality. Mona's therapeutic approach is focused in the areas of Identity, Trauma, and Addiction through deep inner-healing work with her clients. Her unique ability to connect with her clients has established her role as an instrument of healing in the rhythm of their recovery journey.

Melisa La Vallette

Melissa's life mission statement is to Inspire, Connect and Restore the Human Soul, creating wholeness and peace. She does that as a Real Estate Investor as well, she buys neglected homes and restores them to their former glory. Its a theme that runs through her very bones throughout her life in all she does. She is a Graduate of Otis Fox Counseling Training Program, Healing the Inner Child and a Graduate of Marilyn Murray Inner Healing Workshop & Overcoming Childhood Trauma. Staying current in certifications with the AACC in Marriage Works, Addiction and Recovery, Breaking Free, Caring for Teens Gods Way. She has been a vital part of Celebrate Recovery for the past 9 years as a Sponsor, Step Study leader, Accountability Partner and a Sponsee. She has served in the church most of her life, and also as a Director of New Life Ministries for 5 years at The Lighthouse. Her life experience is a 31 year marriage that included a separation and ongoing restoration. Childhood trauma lead her to these very rooms for counseling, she had been through years of talk therapy and discovered freedom from childhood trauma through Healing the Inner Child. She's home grown and wants to help others be set free from the effects of all kinds of trauma that effects all areas of our lives. She is living proof it works!

Karyn Lackey

Karyn has worked for the Ventura school district in special education for over 15 years. She has been the Ministry Leader for Celebrate Recovery Midtown since 2008, and received her Counseling Diploma from the American Association of Christian Counselors in 2018. With over 25 years of recovery, Karyn has felt God calling her into further ministry through counseling. She has extensive experience in all types of addictions, codependency, grief, depression, and working with children and teens in all areas.