Sled Details

Every competing group must have a sled. You can build it before arriving at camp or use Saturday morning to build one.

To start the race on Saturday at 1 pm (ish) the group must show that you can travel at least 20 feet with a youth as a passenger and show lashing skills in putting together the sled.

You may build the sled with other materials but there must be some lashing.

We can supply up to 7 sets of old cross country skis and twine to build your sled.

The sled must travel with the youth throughout the event with all sleds racing on Sunday morning.

The sled should be built by the youth with Scouter support. No commercially manufactured sleds will be accepted. The sleds should be built to look like an Alaskan Dog sled. The harness for pulling the sled should be attached to the front of the sled.

If you choose to build your sled before arriving at camp you may use any materials you want.

The sled must hold at least one youth as the race on Sunday will involve one youth being a passenger.

You are allowed to repair your sled Saturday night if the sled needs repairs as a result of the Saturday race.

ALL SLEDS using the supplied skis must be dismantled on Sunday so we can re-use the skis another year.

If your group is leaving Saturday night and you used the skis supplied you must dismantle you sled before departing.

If we have no snow on the ground for the race we will communicate the change.