Nare Karapetyan


I am an Assistant Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI). Previously I was a postdoctoral associate at Maryland Robotics Center at University of Maryland (UMD) where I was working with Dr. Dinesh Manocha, Dr. Pratap Tokekar and Dr. Miao Yu.  I have received my PhD from University of South Carolina (UofSC) in Computer Science. I was working in Autonomous Field Robotics Laboratory (AFRL) under supervision of Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis. I serve as an Associate Editor (AE) for the RA-L and IROS Editorial Boards since 2022.

My research is on area coverage both for two and three dimensional areas, with particular applications in aquatic domain. I want to enable more efficient and task oriented coverage techniques for environmental monitoring and survey operations. I sometimes draw inspiration from human expertise in performing specific tasks and try to adapt similar reasoning in algorithms I am developing for surface and underwater robots.

I code for robots, dive with them in oceans and drive them over lakes and rivers.

Research Interests: