Formal Education | Continuous Learning


  • 2001 | Ph.D., Computer Engineering. University of California, Santa Barbara CA. Advisors: Drs. P. M. Melliar-Smith & L. E. Moser. Dissertation Focus: Transparent Replication for Distributed Java Systems.
  • 1996 | M.S., Computer Engineering. University of California, Santa Barbara CA.
  • 1993 | B.E., Electronics & Communications Engineering. Bangalore University, India.

TOPICS OF INTEREST: distributed systems, ubiquitous computing, interactive television, social computing, ad hoc networking, mobile & web applications, conversational UI/UX, machine learning, artificial intelligence, progressive web apps, multi-platform development, internet-of-things.



Multi-course curriculum focused on immersive learning of a single subject, with projects to validate learning.

  • Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree @Udacity | May-Oct 2018 | 1 of1000 global Grow With Google scholars selected from 10K Web Developer graduates, for advancement into specialist program.
  • Machine Learning With Tensor Flow on Google Cloud @Coursera | May 2018-present | 5-course Specialization with focus on concepts through to modeling and deployment with cloud platforms.
  • Web Developer @Udacity | Jan-Apr 2018 | 1 of 10,000 Grow With Google scholars accepted into the Intermediate Developer Challenge program.


Academic courses offered by university faculty, often as independent subjects.


Industry-authorized training, typically on products or services offered by the relevant industry vendor.

  • GCP Essentials / QwikLabs & Google Cloud / May 2018
  • Mar 2018 | Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine. Certificate provided by Google Cloud on Coursera.
  • Mar 2018 | Machine Learning APIs. Training by Google Cloud on QwikLabs.
  • Mar 2018 | Scientific Data Processing. Training by Google Cloud on QwikLabs.
  • Mar 2018 | Data Engineering. Training by Google Cloud on QwikLabs.
  • Feb 2018 | Mobile Sites Certification. Training by Google on Academy of Ads.