I build innovative software solutions & inclusive technology communities in the greater New York region.

Hello, I'm Nitya.

I'm a PhD & Polyglot with over two decades of engineering, research & development experience across industry, academia, community, consultancy and startups. I'm a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and a Google Developer Group (GDG) Organizer in New York City where I also organize the annual DevFest NYC conference. My mission is to translate technology awareness into actionable learning for everyone. Find me on LinkedIn.


I am currently an independent consultant and educator, working with small businesses, startups, universities and communities to translate awareness of emerging technology into actionable impact on product. I also run training workshops for developers and teams, and develop content to support online learning and live training events. Ask me about Firebase, Flutter, Progressive Web Apps, Machine Learning or Android development.

I am also passionate about advocacy. I am a community organizer, managing Google Developer Group chapters in NYC and Hudson Valley with a combined reach of 7500+ members. I am a conference organizer, overseeing the annual DevFestNYC developer conference & IWD NYC celebration of women in tech. I'm a Google Developer Expert in Flutter. I'm a public speaker, focusing on both technology (mobile, web, machine learning & emerging tech) and personal development (self-care, representation, public speaking) topics at community & developer conferences including DroidCon, OSCON, Grace Hopper and DevFest.



My PhD focused on building survivable distributed systems using interceptors to enable transparent replication of application-level components. When my advisors launched a startup based on our group's research, I helped develop the showcase apps for our flagship product, and demonstrate its capabilities at numerous industry and VC events.

I spent over a decade at Motorola Research, leading projects in ubiquitous computing, social search, ad hoc networking, multi-screen advertising and more. I authored 10+ issued patents & 20+ peer-reviewed publications. I also oversaw collaborations with top-tier universities like Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, UIUC, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Emory.

I served on Patent Committees (internal) and Technical Program Committees (external) and was nominated to Motorola's Scientific Advisory Board. I also recruited the majority of full-time and summer intern hires in my department and served on the thesis committees of MS and PhD students.


  • Aug 27 | "Get Animated With Flutter" / DroidCon NYC, New York (site)
  • Sep 21 | "The Pharos of PWA: .." / Empire JS, New York (site)

Tentative (in-planning):

  • Oct 20 | TBD / DevFest Vancouver, Vancouver (in-planning, site)
  • Oct 27 | TBD / DevFest New Haven, New Haven (in-planning, site)
  • Jan 26 | TBD / IoT DevFest, Phoenix, AZ (tentative, site)
  • Feb 1 | TBD / Windy City DevFest, Chicago, IL (tentative, site)

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Tentative (in-planning):

  • Sep 17 | North America GDE Summit (tentative), Waterloo CA
  • Oct 12 | WTM Summit (tentative), New York City
  • Apr 8 | DroidCon Boston (tentative), Boston

Full List Here.