Nilay Savant

Hello! I’m Nilay Savant. I’m a passionate tech lover and a hands-on learner. I break things and make things with an ambition to eventually uncover the secrets of the cosmos.

  • I love to tweak around with networking and try to connect unconnected things together even if I’m a very unconnected person :P .
  • I love making automated systems especially Robots !
  • I love to imagine things… 3D modelling is the way I try to show it to the world..
  • I love to hack into old things and find new uses for them.
  • I love playing with Arduino, Raspberry PI and other micro-controllers/processors, eventually designing entire systems for Internet of Things, or for Real-Time Robotics.
  • I enjoy coding stuff, designing cool UI’s, logos, and making software amongst other things.
  • I'm moving into back-end and web-app development as well.

Follow me to see the world through my eyes !