Department of Philology/ Linguistics Division - University of Crete


74100, Rethimnon

email: n (DOT) angelopouloss1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

I am the Principal Investigator of a project on Selectional Locality.

In my research team, I work with Prof. Elena Anagnostopoulou.

My research concerns the formal investigation of syntactic structures with particular focus on the syntax of clausal complementation and prepositions, the syntax of clitics and clitic constructions, the syntax-semantics and the syntax-morphology interface. As a generative linguist, I am interested in understanding how syntactic structures are built within a parsimonious and restrictive theory of natural languages. In my research, I adopt as a guideline a highly restrictive theory taking distributional and interpretive properties of natural languages as well as linear order to be exclusively derived from the application of one basic computational operation, Merge (internal/ external), and pure syntactic principles e.g. syntactic locality. Understanding what the underlying sequence of merge in order to define when external or internal merge takes place, what is universal in this sequence and what can vary in languages are a few of the questions I explore in my research. I have been pursuing this research program by testing it on different syntactic phenomena (see here) in different languages: Greek, my native language, English, Tagalog, Maragoli (Bantu), Tatar (Turkic) and French.