Niko-niko calendar

Niko-niko Calendar

Welcome to the Niko-niko Calendar web page.

This Web site introduces how to make and the usage of Niko-niko Calendar. Moreover, it introduces the matter that seems to be good when it is possible to know in using, and operating Niko-cale it.

The leader, the manager, and the reader who targets it is a member who wants to have visible as for the mood of the team and member's feelings.

Other organizations and projects to say nothing of the software development team are targeted with the team here.

What is Niko-cale?

Niko-cale is a tool that makes visible as for the mood of the team, member's feelings, the motivation, and morale. Niko-niko Calendar might be called by the name of niko-cale.

Please look at the example of Niko-cale posted below.

It is calendar of the table form to distribute the day to the row in the line as for the name. The face mark is recorded in this calendar. The meaning of the face mark is shown below.

Feelings of the member of the team are made a face mark and it puts it on the calendar. It is Niko-cale.

It is necessary to paste Niko-cale to the wall.

Niko-cale is a tool that makes visible as for the mood of the team and member's feelings. Therefore, let's put it on the place in which it sees it from the member. Even if the computerization data is stored in the file server, it is not significant. Anyway, let's paste it to the wall.

Paper like the A3 or the A4 size, etc. might be suitable.

  • Please write member's name in the line.
  • Please write the date in the row.

When the calendar is easily made, let's paste it to the wall.

Feelings are pasted. The face mark is pasted.

My feelings are pasted to the calendar by using the face mark and it applies it.It is convenient to put the sticker for this.

  • Round sticker
  • 8mm~16mm

How to express feelings

Please look at the above-mentioned example. There is a method of writing the face like this.

Please look at the above-mentioned example. There is feelings book method like a traffic signal, too. Especially, it is not because there is a rule.

Face drawn in sticker

It might be happy to use the sticker with the face though it introduced the method of using the sticker not to lack the face. There are a lot of using the sticker with the face and are a lot of people that feelings go out easily. We will recommend the sticker with the face to be used.

Method for writing face in sticker

  • Whenever each one pastes it to the calendar, the face is written.
  • The face is written beforehand collectively.

Because even feelings are smiling when my face is also smiling when recommendation stripes smily-face is written (Many people say so though it is mysterious), and the face is smiling, it is mysterious that each one writes in every case though these either methods are acceptable.

When is the sticker pasted?Who pastes it?

Each one puts the sticker at the day return. This might be good. The sticker with the face is my one's double. What a day of that day there by you?What was glad?Wasn't it regrettable?Let's reflect only a little. And, let's entrust the sticker my feelings.

It repeats every day.

It keeps putting the sticker every day. However, it is not only that. When coming home, the sticker is put in the evening. The pasted sticker is member's feelings. Let's see in everyone. Seeing in everyone at next morning morning in the meeting might be also good. However, there is a person who dislikes being able a lot of people's to dance and pointing out in addition, too. Note everyone's feelings to the end carefully and carefully.

There are a lot of meanings in the word "miru" in Japanese. "Miru" is a verb.

The meaning of "miru" is enumerated as follows.

  • see
  • look
  • watch
  • survey
  • observe
  • examine
  • attend
  • nurse

Let's carefully it not only sees but also see, judge even contents, diagnose, and distribute the mind to the place in which it nurses.

For instance,

Please look at the above-mentioned example. The team might be a natural change even if there is a day not happy.

Please look at the above-mentioned example. Only one person is unhappy every day. However, all other members are happy every day. It might be able to be said that there are clearly some problems.

Please look at the above-mentioned example. There are none of changes every day. Is it the truth?

Niko-cale is a practice that can be practiced even by oneself.

The photograph below is the example.

In this example, the sign is filled in on a desk-top calendar with not the sticker but the marker and the pen. This Niko-cale is what I was actually writing.

Besides, even if nobody sees, it might be effective as the material of a small reflection association that executes it every day.

About the naming of Nico-niko calendar

The namer of Niko-cale is said so.

"It wished this calendar to be filled with Nico-niko(smily) as the person of painful feelings and the person with a bad physical condition pasted the sticker, and it applied it with Nico-niko calendar. "

Introduction of case

Overtime hours of every day are also described to Niko-cale.

Please look at the above-mentioned example. Example also writing overtime hours.

It was made to judge that it was a symptom with the problem mentally in case of being the continuation of blue though overtime hours were few, and to call the person.

I think that it was able to lighten a mental load by calling it though it is a state often generated during busy times.

Background of Niko-cale birth

Will being to execute the management visibility is one of the chances as for the software development. In this, it paid attention to production management indicator (QCDIPSM) of manufacturing.

  • Q:Quality
  • C:Cost
  • D:Delivery

These can be measured with comparative ease.

  • I:Inventory
  • P:Productivity

In the software development, the management visibility is achieved by using BurnDownChart. The spindle in the graph stocks it. You may think that the inclination of the graph is productivity.

  • S:Safety(For instance, do not get sick or do not lose physical strength such as depression. e.t.c.)
  • M:Morale(or the Motivation)

It might be able to be said that it is a start of Nicocare to have tried to measure these two item, safety, and morale. How should we measure it? Shall I paste the sticker that shows feelings to the calendar? Let's write the face in the sticker! This is Nico-niko calendar!It started like that.

At first, Nicocare that it was an indicator or was the tool to measure it only. However, these a series of practice has changed with the practice that exceeds the indicator and the tool while looking back on every day, and pasting the sticker and seeing other member's states.

An important thing is to manage abnormality in the visible management.

Suddenly, the word "Abnormality" was used. Abnormality means "State not normal though it is not defective" or "State between normality and the defect" in the people who are related to manufacturing.

The example is enumerated as follows.

  • The machine originates the allophone. However, the machine keeps working without putting out defective goods.
  • The developer is floating the bear on the below eye. However, the developer keeps developing without making the bug in software and crowding.

Abnormality is a word that indicates no normality. Moreover, it is a word that shows the symptom to the defect.

Suddenly arriving at the defect is not desirable at all. The defect in doing SM is related to person's safety in the much more. It is important ahead of the defect to see the change little by little every day. It is important to see the tendency to the change. Because the symptom seeming to arrive in normally and the defect is not overlooked, the change is seen. In production management in manufacturing, this is called abnormal management.

When the management visibility is executed, the most important principle is feedback.

It doesn't come to manage if not dealing at all even if abnormality is detected. Feedback is important. This is the most important principle.

What is abnormal management to SM concretely? What is feedback when Nicocare is operated? Does it care for a person embarrassed of the leader and the member? Or, do you help? Or, is work decreased?It might be variously besides these.Only listening to the talk might have a dramatic effect on only. Moreover, the stress seems to be reduced only as for telling seeing. It becomes disgusted if there is no feedback. It becomes disgusted absolutely. And, it doesn't do.

As for Niko-niko calendar, it is told that continuance is a high practice from a lot of nearby sites of me. There seems to be Conicocare when it continues even if the maintenance of Burndownchart is forgotten. To tell the truth, there is important feedback besides feedback from the leader and the member.

The feedback can be received from oneself. It puts in the sticker oneself every day and the face is put to writing Nicocare.It is because small reflection is executed to choose the sticker.The desire to tomorrow comes round when reflecting. And, it watches with the face of the sticker that pastes that to the calendar each other. The sticker might take a certain meaning and pseudoperson character by the face's there.

A small reflection association is executed. And, it informs the companion of my feelings. The repetition of such every day gives birth to mental depuration. Purification of every day. It is purification little by little.

Many of people who visited site where Nicocare is operated are severally paragraph. "This is good!" "I want to try!" The anxiety of the situation of the site, and goodwill has and begins to be accepted everywhere.

Visible is important

As for making visible, person's feelings are more difficult than software. As for making visible, person's feelings are more difficult than the software development.

It is not possible to deal if not visible. Visible is important.

"Nico-niko(smily) is a symbol of the harmony of business interests and developer's needs" WAR is over(if you want it).

This article was written by SAKATA Akinori. January 4, 2006