Nicolas Dupré

About me

I am the Isaac Newton Trust Teaching Associate and Bye-Fellow in Mathematics at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. I previously completed my PhD in April 2019 in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, under the supervision of Dr Simon Wadsley.

Before joining Fitzwilliam, I was a member of Girton College for the entirety of my studies (between October 2010 and July 2019).

Research Interests

I am an algebraist working in representation theory over p-adic fields. More specifically, I study representations of certain completions of quantum groups when working over non-archimedean fields, using techniques and/or ideas from non-commutative algebra, group theory, homological algebra, non-archimedean analysis and rigid geometry.


  • Rigid analytic quantum groups and quantum Arens-Michael envelopes, Journal of Algebra, 537: 98-146, 2019.
  • A Beilinson-Bernstein theorem for analytic quantum groups, available on ArXiv.

Other written work

  • Rigid Analytic Quantum Groups. PhD thesis (2019)
  • Construction of Rigid Analytic Quantized Universal Enveloping Algebras. Smith-Knight Essay (2016)
  • Subgroups of Linear Algebraic Groups. Part III essay, supervised by Dr David Stewart.


  • Since January 2015, I have given undergraduate supervisions at Cambridge for the courses "Linear Algebra", "Groups, Rings and Modules", "Number Theory", "Coding and Cryptography", "Galois Theory" and "Representation Theory". I also supervised a Part III student for "Commutative Algebra" in 2014. In total I have supervised for more than 20 different Cambridge colleges.
  • I have given Part III examples classes for "Lie Algebras and their Representations" (2016) and "Iwasawa Algebras" (2019)
  • I gave a "Part III catch-up workshop" in 2015 on Representation Theory. It was a 2-hour long lecture covering background material. Notes and exercises from it can be found here.


I was one of the co-organisers for the Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2017. It is yearly a conference aimed at PhD students in group/representation theory.

For three years I was the co-organiser of the Junior Algebra/Logic/Number Theory seminar in Cambridge.

I interviewed at Girton College (2018) and Homerton College (2017 and 2018) for undergraduate admissions.

Contact Information

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical StatisticsCentre for Mathematical SciencesWilberforce RoadCambridgeCB3 0WBUnited Kingdom
  • Email: nd332 AT cam DOT ac DOT uk
  • Room: C0.07