About Me

I am a Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience Research , and User Experience Visioning expert. Academically, I am interested in human-computer interaction, co-creative artificial intelligence (collaborating with creative computers), human cognition,  creativity, and collaboration. In particular, I investigate co-creative systems where an intelligent AI agent collaborates with users to perform creative tasks. 

I have industry experience as a UX research intern investigating creativity support tools at Adobe’s Creative Technology Lab, Google, and YouTube. At YouTube I was a UX Researcher working on the Visioning Team. I'm passionate about designing systems to facilitate collaboration and bringing the benefits of collaboration to HCI more broadly. 

I was an Assistant Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the Department of Software and Information Systems at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for 4 years teaching classes in Human-Centered Design, Co-Creative Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Creativity. 

I was a Ph.D. student at The Georgia Institute of Technology in the School of Interactive Computing in the Human-Centered Computing Ph.D. program. With a specialization in cognitive science and computational creativity, I  defended my dissertation, titled Creative Sense-Making: A Cognitive Framework for Quantifying Co-Creation. My thesis work was published in part in a ACM publication titled Creative Sense-Making: Quantifying the Interaction Dynamics of Co-Creation. It investigated technical approaches, research methods, and cognitive theories to inform the design of co-creative systems. 

Before my Ph.D. work, I was an undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University, studying Cognitive Science and Studio Art. I graduated with a BA in Cognitive Science with a GPA of 3.87, and I was selected the Cognitive Science Student of the Year in 2009.