Swan Goddess

My artwork is entwined with my research on creative cognition and perception. I employ abstract art shapes and flows that can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the viewing angle and intentional stance of the viewer. My drawing and paintings can be viewed in different orientations to find objects and visions, similar to finding shapes in the clouds. This style of dreamlike and imaginative cognition is something I strive for in designing the experience of interacting with my artworks.

I often work with others in collaborative drawing, which is where I draw a lot of my inspiration. The contributions of other artists during the creative process provides interesting tensions that I need to resolve to continue the artwork. In this way, collaboration pushes the boundaries of my artistic work and expands my stylistic constraints.

My work is heavily musical in the sense that I strive to translate the sounds I hear in music into the lines of an artwork. In that way, the lines flow, merge, and combine together harmoniously with what I call perceptual logic. Perceptual logic is a cognitive science theory that describes the manner in which creative productions are perceived. Through time, artists develop a certain recognizable style of art, and perceptual logic is the cognitive mechanism whereby style is acquired. My work explores the bounds of perceptual logic, and my computational projects strive to enable a AI agent to have perceptual logic, such that it might be able to contribute as an equal in a co-creative process.

In addition to physical art, I also work with computational interactive art, computational creativity, co-creative artificial intelligence, and computational creativity. I am a human-computer interaction (HCI) and user experience (UX) research expert. I have industry experience as a UX research intern investigating creativity support tools at Adobe’s Creative Technology Lab, Google, and YouTube. I'm passionate about designing systems to facilitate collaboration and bringing the benefits of collaboration to Art, AI, and HCI more broadly.

Om ( Nick Davis, Priya Chatterjee)


Pyramid Grid

Growth Pattern

Photon Radiation

Ordered Chaos

Photon Up Close

Arcturian Language

Earth Projection

Person Meditating

God's Drawing

Entrance to Fae

Child of the Royal Family

Father of the Royal Family

Mother of the Royal Family


Mark Twain Portrait Landscape

Atlanta Market Portrait

Inverted Crystallography: Planets Humming

Starseed and Crew

Inverted Crystallography: Planetary Alignment

Holographia Portrait

Mystery Seed

Atlantan Shield

Chi'Ara Portrait

Natural Crystal Series

Guanyin Boddhisattvae Badge

Guanyin Boddhisattva Badge

Diamonds in the Sky


Druid Wedding

Self Portrait

Angelic Plane

Self Portrait 2

Atlantan Crystal and Great Tree

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