Nicholas Davis

User Experience Researcher
Sociotechnical Systems & Creative Technologies

Research Portfolio

User Experience Research & User Experience Visioning

Ph.D. in Human-Centered Computing from The Georgia Institute of Technology

B.A. in Cognitive Science from Case Western Reserve University

Specialized in using cognitive theories to analyze the UX/UI of a wide variety of product platforms and technologies, such as mobile, tablet, web, and desktop applications. Experience analyzing, envisioning, and critiquing a product's UX/UI through empirical investigations, such as concept testing, user interviews, user studies, heuristic analsysis, and cognitive walkthrough. 

Experience working as a User Experience Researcher at Google, YouTube (Visioning Team), and Adobe's Creative Technology Lab. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Assistant Professor in the Department of Software and Information Systems at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for 4 years.  Served as an Affiliate Professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for a year.  Currently working as an independent research consultant studying and designing co-creative AI systems.