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Forest Friends

Forest Friends takes the reader on a majestic journey in an attempt to familiarize children with their environment. Additionally, this story book teaches children the importance of kindness, and friendship furthermore reminding children and parents alike the fascinations that arise from childhood making Forest Friends a wonderful book to spend quality time with children.

Though the words and artistry bring mother nature to life, it is not the rhymes nor illustrations that captivate the attention of children: It is the warm heart of a young boy who does not hesitate to help the many animals in need. 

His journey doesn't end with the forest though. Join this young boy as he ventures to the sea, the dessert, the swamp, the arctic and so much more. The goal of this series is to teach children of the many animals and environments the world has to offer in a fun and unique way. 

While the Earth, our gentle home is beautiful in all its mysteries, it is currently in grave danger. We must all act together to save the planet we call home. It is also through my series, Animal Friends, that I hope to bring awareness to concerns regarding the environment such as pollution and endangered species. Stay tuned for Sea Friends in which the antagonist and a clue about the character's name will be revealed.

Forest Friends Oriniginal

The Somber Story of an Old Man

The Original Becomes Poetry

AI Is My Guide

What people don't know about the illustrations

What most don't know about Forest Friends is that the original images are based off artificial intelligence. Of course each illustration is wrought from my own imagination, but it wasn't until I came across an artificially intelligent photo generator that I really knew what I was looking for within my illustrations. The use of AI has brought me clarity by bringing to life the visions within my own mind. The only dilemma- the artistic style was not the same across each image. That's when I decided to seek illustrators online. I met Ople, an artist from India, through Fiverr who helped recreate my artificially intelligent photographs. AI has served not only as a great guide for my mind's eye, but also as an incredibly effective source for communication.  

The Coloring Book

Forest Friends can also be purchased with a coloring book! Each book within this series will also have a respective coloring book. 

Forest Friends Goes Live

Forest Friends is Attending the LA Times Festival of Book!

Forest Friends is going to the LA Times Festival of Books!