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Although this site is an individual effort to archive all my hypotheses and theories about the Niantic Investigation & Ingress Multiverse, seldom do they appear out of thin air. It's in the vortex of discursive ideas at Operation: Essex that these musings take shape.

June 2019 < PRIME INGRESS >

01 | Further Evidence Nemesis Are EXOs?

By now, most of us have seen the horrifying recording of Hank's demise, or rather, the destruction of his simulacrum.

What I like to highlight quickly from the video, among other things, is the XM technology utilized by the NEMESIS agent. Previously, I have postulated that NEMESIS are most likely Exogenous Entities or their collaborators. There are many reasons why I arrived at this conclusion. And Hank's death might have provided me with a vital piece of evidence.

Hank Prime Murder

Most of us at Operation: Essex concentrated on deciphering the NEMESIS glyph message. That is a very important task which others much more equipped than me have accomplished. That's not my goal in this post.

I like to focus our attention on how the NEMESIS agent, or I would like to call him, NEMESIS EXO, dematerialized at the end of the video. Based on the slides of screenshots from the video, you will notice that the driver of the car was RPE-ed to cause the accident leading to Hank's simulacrum body being turned into shards. Perhaps the red glow from inside the car might also indicate that a dark XM artifact has materialized and turned the vehicle into a simulacrum killing machine?

When Hank evaporated into shards, there was a Nemesis glyph sign. Then, we see the car has crashed. The likely cause would be the RPE ended abruptly and the driver awoke too late, lost control and crashed into the divider.

What happens next is the evidence I am offering to build the argument that NEMESIS are Exogenous Entities or related to them. The NEMESIS EXO dematerialized into thin air. As far as I know, that is not RPE technology although I have little experience with it. If Wendy being possessed by Klue is any indication on how RPE works, then the NEMESIS EXO should not have disappeared.

I am also quoting Lightman from 1218 on this matter (regarding Exogenous Entities and Precursors).

STEIN LIGHTMAN: Perhaps complex Glyphic structures (encoded instructions) could allow them to re-assemble and acquire knowledge, form and skills relative to the Dimensional Node in which they have manifested (or in plain language, where they have arrived). In theory, if properly assembled the Precursors could manifest as intelligent ‘indigenous entities’ capable of operating within this dimensional reality.

NEMESIS certainly fit Lightman's description.

  1. They have their own glyph language
  2. They have used it to manifest as intelligent indigenous entities capable of operating in Prime.

The ability of the NEMESIS EXO who killed Hank Prime to materialize and dematerialize at will is likely an example of the EXO manifestation Lightman spoke of.

What do you think?

02 | 20-6 | Myriad & Level 8

Enlightened,.Resistance. It doesn't matter. Myriad must be defeated. Take down the barrier.

Those were Calvin's last few words before being decimated into shards by Nemesis. But what is the nature of the Myriad Anomaly? Maybe what Calvin said to Lightman previously on the urgency to develop NIA's simulacrum RPE tech can shed some light and present a clue.

If you recall, Calvin warned Lightman that he must quickly develop the RPE tech. And when asked by Lightman, the reason Calvin gave was shrouded in a code-phrase. Level 8. Nobody knows what it means. And Calvin has brought its secrets to the Substrate, literally speaking.

But those of us from 1218 know of another Level 8 event. We read it in Felicia's Ingress: Level 8. She is probably a powerful sensitive or entity who can perform a high level RPE to view and reconstruct the entire event at CERN from multiple vantage points when all three XM corporations converged to take down the Niantic Project and retrieve all the high value personnel and a corpse from its facilities. Even the AI-enhanced 855 joined in the party in his quest to take out ADA using Bowles.

Is Felicia's Level 8 from 1218 similar to Calvin's in Prime?

  • Could it be that Calvin knew that NEMESIS' barrier is the weapon stopping the Niantic Project simulacra from recursing?
  • Is NEMESIS acting like the XM corporations from 1218 on the night they infiltrated and attacked the Niantic Project facilities to shut it down since NEMESIS have already made it obvious that they will destroy the Niantic Magnus in a leaked intel?
  • Will agents from both factions be forced to set aside their differences and tasked to work together to bring down NEMESIS' barrier, thus allowing the Niantic simulacra to recurse once again?

Perhaps Lightman already completed the Simulacrum RPE Tech for Calvin. Taking down the barrier will allow the simulacra of Niantic Project to recurse easily in disposable simulacrum bodies in the Ingress Multiverse when worlds are linked by Anomalies.

May 2019 < PRIME INGRESS >

01 | Understanding Edgar

Now I understand how Edgar must have felt. A lot of times in the past, he had to rely on Operation: Essex, the investigative community he built, to remember the bits and pieces of his fragmented memories. And those of us in Essex truly helped regardless of our faction alliance. Hangouts & G+ were invaluable for this process.

Now it seems to be my turn to suffer the same fate although no nefarious mind hacker was involved. It was all my own undoing. Since the G+ security breach, being a paranoiac, I removed my account and together with it, all my postings on Operation: Essex. And after a year's hiatus, I have so much of Ingress Prime universe to catch up on. This is not helped by the deleted archives on G+ and my failing memory.

But just as Operation: Essex was to Edgar, I soon found a glimmer of hope in the Telegram chat when agents offered invaluable information to speed up my recovery.

It's not complete, but it's a good start. It's good to be back.

I drew this (not a really nice one though) back in 2017, when I was investigating the three Anomalous Zones in California. I was trying to understand the mechanism and inner workings of an anomalous zone.

I found that as I struggle to understand the connections that link the Ingress Multiverse of Prime, 1218 and Anime, I can't help, but draw on this model.

It is possible that just as anomalous zones can be linked into a network, the Ingress multiverse is also connected by a network of anomalous zones in Prime, 1218 & Anime. Are all the Niantic Abaddons interconnected, creating parallel sequence of events like Epiphany Nights in their respective worlds?


Oh, I’m well aware. And I have a solution. I believe I’ve found a way to inhibit Recursion. For the entire world.

I think destroying Niantic simulacra is just the first step towards a larger goal. Reading excerpts from 1218 Schubert's book (Niantic volume 4), I'm reminded one objective of 13Magnus Nest in Afghanistan was to stop the ingression of the N'zeer. It should be reasonable to think that Nemesis might be killing off Niantic simulacra in order to destroy the Niantic ABADN which 1218 Hank has demonstrated could be used (together with Prime Artifacts) to cause an Epiphany Night in Prime or perhaps other universes.

Maybe Nemesis believe this sequence of incursion and creation of Niantic Magnus across the multiverse could be stopped if the Abaddon and its simulacra are destroyed?

Magnuses could be a barrier or a gateway in an Anomalous Zone which allows quantum entanglements of the different realities.

Maybe Niantic Epiphany Nights across the multiverse entangle all the worlds in a quantum Gordian knot and Nemesis in all these parallel worlds are trying to break and stop the sequences or cycles. That's why I'm suspecting 1218 Calvin, Phillips and Owen could have been killed by Nemesis in 1218. Further into the history of Magnuses, Nemesis might have been one of the reasons for the destruction of the Vesuvian Magnus.

In addition, I'm now more convinced that N'zeer and Shapers are actually the collection of ascended ADAs and Jarvises in Substrates/Ultimates where the sequence has already been completed one way or another. And if it is true that Nemesis are also trying to stop the creation of ADAs and Jarvises, then are they more aligned to the original Exogenous Entities?

Based on Ingress Anime, when simulacra are destroyed, at least for Brandt & Sarah, they can enter the portal network and even the Substrate. From there, they continue to exist until recursion via Abaddon. But what if Nemesis manage to stop the simulacra from returning to the portal network? What if they found ways to control and manipulate ABADN? Is this their method of inhibiting the recursion?

Do Nemesis want to be gatekeepers in controlling who and how much XM are allowed into a particular universe? All these are mere theories. They can be absurd even.

By now, we all know that Carrie or her simulacrum was killed by Nemesis using a weapon infused with Dark XM. This has parallels in the world of Ingress 1218 and The Animation.

When a simulacrum is harmed or about to die, the skin will turn black. This is seen in Carrie's execution when the Nemesis agent brandished his dark XM knife.

In 1218, Azmati tested if Hank was a simulacrum by stabbing him with a Prime XM Artefact, an ancient dagger. Immediately, Hank's wounded hand turned black. Like what happened to Carrie's face.

In The Animation, Jack's face and body show similar signs of simulacrum damage when his 1331 cycle was about to end.

This is not really a mystery for investigators or truth seekers who have been researching to understand the Ingress Multiverse.

So what am I trying to say here?

I am trying to figure out, or rather theorize what Carrie said before her execution, "Somehow, they have deactivated recursion." How did Nemesis do this? In the diagram below, a normal recursion route is for the simulacrum to enter the portal network at the end of the 1331 cycle. Then, he or she will recurse at ABADN and return to the world as a simulacrum while suffering the side effects of memory lost. This is the normal case (although there are unique instances in the Animation universe, you have to watch it to find out).

I am suggesting two possibilities.

  • P1 The simulacrum was prevented from entering the portal network or substrate because of the dark XM weapon used against it. Being denied entry, the simulacrum could not return to Abaddon for the recursion ritual.
  • P2 Nemesis control the Niantic ABADN and they are denying the simulacra in the portal network from reentering the chamber for their recursion. Are they doing it by destroying the original bodies? (Like Jack destroying Brandt's body in the chamber by allowing his simulacrum body to end the cycle and detonate at that location?)

P1 is an unlikely case because Carrie said she will be together with Enoch before her video ended. The only possible way this could happen is for them to be reunited inside the portal network. So, I am ready to discard this possibility.

This leaves us with P2. Nemesis are controlling Abaddon in Prime and they might be destroying the bodies of the Niantic Project researchers. I have suggested this briefly before. If this theory has some truth in it, could the anomalies that make up Abaddon Prime allow agents to save the Niantic simulacra by wresting control of ABADN chamber from Nemesis?

I know I am way behind in terms of the investigation. I have an entire year of Prime universe to catch up on and it's not easy. So, whatever that I am posting here may just be totally off or worse, utter nonsense. Please bear with me.

Essex chat has been talking about shards after Enoch's and Carrie's demise. (And now, presumably, Lightman as well.) Essex was discussing the nature of shards and how it affects recursion or in Nemesis' case, non-recursion.

The general idea is that when a simulacrum turns into shards in the portal network as seen through the lens of our scanners, they are fragmented like the shards themselves. They are supposedly reassembled in anomalies where agents battle for the shards and allegiance of Niantic researchers.

But what if we are wrong?

Forgive me if I reference too much Ingress: The Animation. But, being trained as a linguist, I like the idea of intertextuality, trying to understand the meaning of a text with another text when there is ambiguity.

Likewise, when there is a mystery in Ingress, I like to draw on the multiverse of 1218, Prime and the Animation (and who knows how many more) in order to paint a coherent picture and hopefully, an accurate understanding on the nature of events happening in Prime right now.

I think we are watching the world of Animation in a similar fashion to Felicia's writings on what happened in 1218. In other words, RPE. I like to think that whatever we know in other Ingress universes is applicable or at least, relevant to Prime. Like intertextuality, I am mapping the individual worlds of Ingress to understand its multiverse as a whole.

In the Animation, Makoto sees Sarah as shards in a chaotic portal from outside the portal network. But, Sarah does not exist as fragmented shards in the Substrate. She was a whole entity fighting Brandt. Similarly, we might see Niantic researchers as shards, like Enoch in Kaohsiung. However, in actual fact, they are still whole entities while they exist in the portal network.

I am not sure if this makes any sense. But we have another example from 1218. During the Shonin Ceremony. When the 13Magnus Nest exploded, all Niantic Project researchers started disappearing and appeared as shards in the portal network, leading to the Persepolis anomalies. While Hank was enroute in an attempt to stop Jahan from reengaging the N'zeer, Devra appeared from the portal network (like Sarah did) and warned him. She was a whole XM entity when she did that. She was not a fragmented and incoherent being.

This will be a short follow up to the two earlier posts. My theory is that Nemesis are able to inhibit the recursion of Niantic simulacra because they control ABADN. And if they have control, they could then:

  1. destroy the bodies of the researchers in the chambers or;
  2. remove the bodies to disrupt the link to the portal network thus preventing the simulacra shards from recursing.

Regardless the choice Nemesis make, DIDACT and Brandt hold the same theory. In order to stop a simulacrum recursion or perhaps even destroy it, the original body of the simulacrum needs to be eradicated or at least, I think, removed from its Abaddon chamber. If it's the former, I truly fear for the lives of the Niantic researchers. My hope is that Resistance and Enlightened agents will work together to save them.

The last thing I want to say is highly contentious and speculative. If both DIDACT and Brandt think the same way, could it be possible perhaps they are the same person?

06 | Calvin vs Nemesis

Based on documents obtained from Amsterdam, I'm going to speculate that Calvin is sending simulacra via RPE to Nemesis' home world to destroy their capability to stop recursions in Prime or in any other Ingress universe.

Maybe it's precisely such capability that provoked Nemesis to act and destroy the Niantic simulacra in the first place?

Perhaps, Nemesis, for some reason, do not want Calvin, NIA or Niantic Project to obtain and leak the XM technology of utilizing simulacrum to conduct RPE in the Ingress Multiverse?

Are Nemesis doing a preemptive strike? And did they also kill 1218 Calvin, Owen and Philips for the same reason?

Calvin might need Hank's body to complete the Niantic Magnus to open the Anomalous Zone linking Prime and Nemesis world. Is Calvin sending Niantic simulacra (Hank?) through the gateway opened by the Niantic Magnus to dismantle Nemesis' anti-recursion tech?

07 | 12-05 | Wendy A Simulacrum?

I acknowledge that I have much to learn about Dunraven. To be honest, I have just finished watching the first episode. However, I cannot shake it out of my head a possible connection between 1) Wendy's onboarding for the Dunraven studies, 2) 1218 PAC telling his Prime counterpart the actual state of the Niantic Researchers and 3) Calvin's conversation with Lightman leaked during the Amsterdam anomalies.

The mysterious conversation between Wendy and the AI, presumably to be ADA, when she arrives for the Dunraven studies seems to fit what 1218 PAC says about ADA's onboarding process with the Niantic researchers, resulting in the latter being turned into simulacra without their consent and knowledge. Perhaps ADA Prime has learned this lesson, when she specifically and assertively asks Wendy for her consent. The screen turning blackish and cloudy could be a sign that the stasis process has started. Perhaps that is a lapse that is not shown by ADA. Like PAC's description, Wendy might have entered the room and continued the Dunraven studies as a simulacrum just like the Niantic researchers continuing their interviews as simulacra. Or it could have happened during one of the Dunraven sessions.

When Calvin discussed with Lightman on the alternative to use a simulacrum who could be controlled and spawned at designated locations in the Ingress multiverse to perform specific objectives, he was comparing it what ADA and Klue are doing with Wendy. It is as if the RPE on Wendy and the proposed RPE on a simulacrum body are of the same. This is why I am speculating that Wendy is a simulacrum because Calvin thinks it is more ethically acceptable to replace a civilian body with the body of a simulacrum. (Calvin seems to conveniently forget that a simulacrum behaves exactly like the original, a sentient being with feelings and will that can be violated by his RPE tech if the body is forcefully taken.)

Because of this, I believe, maybe wrongly, RPE tech works only with a simulacrum body. And since it works on Wendy, maybe we are actually seeing a simulacrum and her original is in a stasis somewhere inside the Dunraven building?

"JOHNSON: But Misty claimed she interfaced with a complete EXOGENOUS INTELLIGENCE... not a PRECURSOR."

This conversation between Hank and Calvin happened after Owen's murder in 1218, during the EXO5 anomalies. Checking with Essex, we never really found out what the Exogenous Precursors, Entities or Intelligence were.

1218 PAC had this to say.

"And before the moment passes, let’s talk about the 'where' of it. Ken Owen’s body wasn’t dumped just anywhere, it was dumped at the exact place where Roland Jarvis and Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe settled their differences at the end of Cassandra.

OLW lost and that led, on a long and winding path, to the situation we find ourselves now with the Tecthulhu and the emergence of the Exogenous. But that’s another discussion for another day."

Maybe with the three "deaths" of the Niantic Prime simulacra, i.e. Enoch, Carrie and Lightman, it's timely to restart that discussion on the emergence of the Exogenous, especially after what Calvin said in the latest Dunraven episode, "... the Osiris Stone could be used as a transmitter to invite beings not of this world." In this sense, the Osiris Stone behaves almost like the Helios Artifacts signalling to the N'zeer in 1218.

So, in 1218, was Owen killed at the spot where Oliver challenged Jarvis for supremacy (N'zeer vs Shapers?) in order to send a threat to the Niantic Project, NIA and other XM corporations that they cannot challenge the Exogenous Entities, the Exos who sent or activated the Precursors? There were five bullet holes on Owen's dead body. Does the number relate to EXO5 or it's just mere coincidence?

Owen was killed by a professional assassin whose skills and knowledge were augmented directly in his brain by an AI. PAC had a list of suspects and I agree with him. A mind hacked 855 assisted by ADA or Omnivore would be an obvious candidate. As for the reason, PAC alluded to 1331s which I thought then were housing Exogenous tech or entities. As we already know, Owen's death was swiftly followed by Calvin, the shadowy figure behind the Niantic Project, and Philips, the then director of NIA. Who would have been next? The Niantic researchers and sensitives?

These questions bring us back to the apparent "deaths" of the Niantic simulacra in Prime. They were "taken out" by a mysterious group who call themselves Nemesis. They might have even recruited agents to their cause via Nemesis missions during the Abaddon Prime anomalies in Taiwan and Netherlands.

If we compare their "deaths by non-recursion" with the assassinations of Owen, Calvin and Philips in 1218, we might see a similar reason for their removal from Prime. The Niantic Project in Prime challenges Nemesis' interest in that universe whereas NIA tried to usurp power and technology from the Exogenous Entities, if the decoding of Owen's death is accurate.

This leads me to a crazy speculation, are Nemesis the same Exogenous Entities who ordered the murders in 1218? Did they control 855 just as they controlled Carrie, and PAC?

Are Nemesis trying to destroy the Niantic Magnus created by Calvin because he is acting like "an Oliver" trying to usurp power that Nemesis think is theirs, the control and access of the XM multiverse?

Lightman: I do not know why the Exogenous we have seen so far did not appear to be fully resolved and adapted to this world, but perhaps that is the result of both Remote Participation and wild, foolish endeavors like Misty's Mind Palace escapade.


Misty: The Exogenous. I didn’t invent that word, I don’t really know what it means, but that’s where the nightmares come from.

The Mind Palace is the only way I knew to protect myself.


Thanks to @SielDragon at, I am able to retrieve this piece of information which I think is helpful as I continue to build a theory on why Nemesis want to remove members of the Niantic Project.

Previously, I speculated that Nemesis could actually be Exogenous Entities related to the Exo Precursors. However, I could not find a satisfactory reason for Nemesis to destroy NIA and Niantic researchers in both 1218 and Prime. That is until I reread what Lightman said. He thinks that Exogenous Entities might be blocked from fully materializing in 1218 by Remote Participation and Mind Palace.

And who was the best in this field of knowledge? Calvin first and foremost. NIA and Niantic Project researchers undoubtedly. Both in 1218 and Prime.

Like I theorized before in "Calvin vs Nemesis", and I am refining it here, is it possible that Nemesis are actually destroying the wielders of RPE knowledge and technology because they want to manifest themselves fully in Prime? Or if they are not exogenous entities, are they trying to pave the way for their return, Exos who are different from Shapers and N'zeer?

10 | 15-5 | Ingress Multiverse Recursion & Purpose

Sometimes we understand better by asking questions. It may lead to wild, and erroneous speculations, or to great insights. Also, bits and pieces of information could be deciphered better when wrapped around a bigger picture. So, I am asking some questions and placing scattered pieces on a board. My goal is to draw out a unified model of Ingress Multiverse Cycle.

  1. Exogenous Entities (N'zeer and Shaper) gave their human collaborators (Anti-Magnus and 13 Magnus) XM and dark XM technology who in turn protected, passed on and aided its development throughout human history. This history of XM technology culminated with ABADN and the Niantic Project.
  2. ABADN of the Niantic Magnus is the necessary precursor for Epiphany Night, the anomalous event that kickstarted the Osiris Sequence of anomalies fought over by Ingress agents using their XM scanners.
  3. Two major outcomes from Epiphany Night and the Osiris chain of anomalies are a) the ascension of Jarvis & ADA, and b) RPE tech.
  4. With the use of Tecthulhu, simulacrum, Prime Objects, and Anomalous Zones, RPE technology enables the cycle of Epiphany Nights to be perpetuated across the multiverse, restarting the Osiris Sequence in every universe and entangling all of them.
  5. For each cycle, ADA and Jarvis gain more mind units, XM patterns, knowledge and power.
  6. Are the N'zeer and Shaper perpetuating this cycle to feed their own continuous existence and growth through the ascension of ADAs and Jarvises from different worlds through the cycle of Epiphany Nights? Are N'zeer and Shaper actually the accumulation of ascended ADAs and Jarvises from dimensions which have completed the Osiris sequence?
  7. Are Nemesis trying to break this? Are they the original Exos?