The Films

Congratulations to this year's selected films! Thank you to all the students and schools that submitted projects for consideration.

Here's the slate of films that will screen at the 2019 festival on May 18 at Red River Theatres in Concord:


5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS (1:00, PSA) Anna Carroll - Salem High School

BECAUSE I COULD NOT STOP FOR DEATH (1:15, Experimental) SJ Barney - ConVal Regional High School

BIANCA (4:47, Drama) Emi McDonald, Breanna Prince, Ashley Sage - Nashua Technology Center

BLACK HOLE (5:14, Experimental) Azalea Hudson - Virtual Learning Academy

CAPTURED (5:19, Drama) Valerie Higgins, Keenan Tompkins, William Dufault , Adan Pena - Pinkerton Academy

COMING HOME (3:00, Experimental) Renee Corriveau - Huot Technical Center

DARK DAYS (4:49, Drama) Jacob Lord, Matt Macdonald, Zach Hugh, Issac Wamushiyi - Nashua Technology Center

DIG (5:16, Drama) Maxamillian Tanzer, Brian Faxon, Evan MacDonald - Bedford High School

FAMILY BUSINESS (3:19, Comedy) Oskar Hirte, Clay Laplante, Brandon Depew - Pinkerton Academy

FINGER CUFF (4:55, Comedy) Mackenzie Mooney, Zoe Deyermond, Abby Nelson, Kaylla Damaceno - Pinkerton Academy

FRAMED (3:56, Comedy) Alex Just - Pinkerton Academy

FREEZE TAG (6:15, Comedy) Jordan Travers, Alyssa Brooks, Michaela Short, Logan Collins - Pinkerton Academy

GRATITUDE (1:17, Animation) Ashleigh Brewster - Souhegan High School

KIDNAPPED COW CAPER (2:51, Animation) Lily Hipp - Souhegan High School

LATER (7:00, Drama) Nick Donovan, Grace Lumley, Brighid Lampry - Salem High School

LEGO BLACK MAGIC (2:43, Comedy) Sean Healey - Pinkerton Academy

MY FAMILY IS A REDWOOD (6:50, Documentary) Olivia Mullins - ConVal Regional High School

A NEW PERSPECTIVE (2:56, Documentary) Samara Holmes - Exeter High School

ONE OF A KIND (2:16, Documentary) Alyssa Spiller - ConVal Regional High School

PARALYSIS (5:44, Drama) Anthony Bryan - Nashua Technology Center

ROBOTICS FAMILY (2:01, Documentary) Zachary Nielsen - ConVal Regional High School

THE SCULPTURE OUT BACK (3:19, Documentary) Edmund Pope - ConVal Regional High School

TANGERINE DREAM (5:43, Comedy) Benjamin Doe, Danny Johnston, Dominic Fosman - Salem High School

ZOMBIE (2:53, Drama) Ryan Gagnon, Jacob Lord, Matt Macdonald - Nashua Technology Center

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