The Films

Below is the list of films selected to screen at the 2018 festival. Congratulations to this year's selected films and thank you to everyone who submitted projects for consideration! The festival takes place on May 19 at Red River Theatres in Concord.

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THE BEWITCHED THEATRE (3:05, Comedy) Molly Plaisted, Calla Delany, Tyler McCallum, Julia Perry, Liliana Senecal - Nashua Technology Center

CAPTAIN DAB (6:59, Comedy) Joshua McDevitt, Kellen Sheehan, Tyler McCallum - Nashua Technology Center

CLAYTON'S ANGELS (5:33, Comedy) Anna Waldron, Caitlin Prince, Isabela Deichmann - Nashua Technology Center

DEAD BODY (1:50, Comedy) Bowan Magargee, Bill Dufault, Alex Boyle, Dan Sullivan - Pinkerton Academy

DOUBLE DATE (4:14, Comedy) Liliana Senecal, Calla Delany, Jasper McKelvey, Chelsea Columbus - Nashua Technology Center

DRIVE SAFE PSA (0:59, PSA) Jeff Lybarger, Myles Ditkoff, Johnny Chavira, Sarah Eaton - Keene High School

DUNN (5:30, Comedy) Oskar Hirte, Clay Laplante, Patrick Gilbert, Brandon Depew - Pinkerton Academy

EARTH - A PSA (1:13, PSA) Ally Afonso, Talya Keefe - Salem High School

GOD'S ACRE (7:00, Documentary) Brenden Nault - Salem High School

INTERCEPTED (3:40, Drama) Nicole Bergeron, Dan Johnston - Salem High School

KINDNESS PSA (1:02, PSA) Joseph Cho, Jacob Lord, Jasminn Nickerson, Joseph Balser - Nashua Technology Center

THE LETTER (4:12, Drama) Kenny Sullivan, Nick Hurman, Brandon Depew - Pinkerton Academy

LETTERS FOR LISA (6:54, Drama) Kaitlyn Wilson, Nate Magoon - Salem High School

LE NOTRE HERITAGE (7:00, Documentary) Augustus George - ConVal Regional High School

LOCKED IN (3:56, Drama) Anthony Bryan, Brennan Desautelle, Matthew Macdonald, Jasminn Nickerson - Nashua Technology Center

LOOKING BACK (3:37, Comedy) Liam Humel - Pinkerton Academy

NEON (5:54, Drama) Alexyah Dethvongsa, Albert Lafond, Natthanam Koenklang, Ellis Roundy, Marc Forgione - Huot Technical Center

OVERCOMING FEAR PSA (0:53, PSA) Ian Clark, Valentina Acosta, Greg Lucci, Robbie Alberts - Nashua Technology Center

PLEDGE (3:19, Drama) Brighid Lamprey, Abby Leandro - Salem High School

SECOND CHANCE (4:34, Comedy) Grecia Murillo, Julianna Szweda - Salem High School

SMILE (3:21, Comedy) Mackenzie Lemoine, Olivia Griffin, Cullen Michaud, Bowan Magargee, Keenan Tompkins - Pinkerton Academy

SOMETHING FISHY (1:07, Animation) Lily Hipp - Souhegan High School

THUNDER & LIGHTNING (5:15, Drama) - Chelsea Columbus, Isabela Deichmann, Liliana Senecal - Nashua Technology Center

TRUST (4:14, Drama) Zakriah Razzak, Molly Plaisted, Isabela Deichmann, Joshua McDevitt - Nashua Technology Center

VIDEO PRODUCTION (5:56, Comedy) Joshua Gawrys - Pinkerton Academy

THE WAITER (6:38, Drama) Briana Demers, Grace Lumley, Nate Magoon - Salem High School

WORTHLESS (3:31, Drama) Autumn-Rose Bogdan, Rheannon Rodriguez - Salem High School