Business, Finance, & Marketing


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What is New Visions? 

New Visions is an honors program for motivated seniors who have a relative certainty about what their major in college will be. It is through Questar III, which covers Rensselaer, Columbia, and Greene Counties.

A big part of the program is learning from experts through guest speaker visits, site visits to business, and hands-on learning experiences and projects.

New Visions provides relevant, practical, real-life experiences and learning opportunities in specific fields.

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Who Would be Interested

The Business, Finance, & Marketing class includes 18 college credits through C-GCC.


What is the Business, Finance, & Marketing Program

There are 16 career clusters. Three of these are: Business Management & Administration, Finance, & Marketing. This New Visions program is set up to instruct students and give them experiences in these 3 fields.

The college courses are below. Each class is 3 credits.

We have industry leaders visit our class such as business executives, entrepreneurs, CPAs, financial planners, sales professionals, and other business professionals!

We visit some local businesses and see how their business runs - how each department works together to accomplish company goals and objectives.

Where and When does New Visions - Business, Finance, & Marketing Meet

We meet Monday - Friday 8:30 - 11:30 AM at Columbia-Greene Community College's campus in Hudson. Our classroom is in a great location in room 124 of the Main Building. 

We have 3 windows that overlook the campus quad. The classroom has modern desks and unattached chairs along with two high-top tables and stools with backs!

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What is my professional experience? 

I am an experienced business professional and educator. Here's my story: 

What is my instructional experience? 

Though I was very successful and my career was progressing rapidly, I felt a tug, a compelling, a pull in another direction. I felt like I needed to pursue my purpose and follow a life-long desire to be a teacher. I knew I would make much less and there was not a lot of business teaching openings at the time, but I had to take the risk and see what the world had in store for me.