NN Update

The 2020-2021 Executive Producers for NN Update are

Emma Bradshaw '21 and Kaylee Carson '21.

Our most recent episode (#4) aired on Tuesday February 9, 2021.

Episode #5 will air on Tuesday April 13, 2021.

Reporters & Producers:

Ana-Karina A '22

Forrest B '22

Emma B '21

Kaylee C '21

Colton C '22

Nora F '22

Jonathan H '22

Andrew H '22

Alex K '22

Caroline M '22

Sam M '22

Aidan O'N '22

Aidan V '22

Episode Guide:

Episode 4 - Aired on February 9, 2021

00:34​ Winter Sports Highlight Package produced by Aidan V

01:05​ Maddy Ranalli produced by Sam & Aidan O

03:56 2020 Recap produced by Alex, Ana-Karina, Caroline

06:04 Clothing Drive produced by Nora

06:56 Police Rally produced by Andrew & Colton

10:38 Valentine's Trivia produced by Emma & Kaylee

Episode 3 - Aired on December 22, 2020

00:50 Kickball Tournament produced by Andy and Sam

02:58 From Stage to Screen: She Kills Monsters produced by Aidan V and Forrest

06:19 Q&A with the Facultay: Ms. Johnson produced by Jonathan

09:06 Christmas in the City produced by Emma, Kaylee, and Nora

12:21 Nonantum Parade produced by Alex, Ana-Karina, and Caroline

Episode 2 - Aired on November 24, 2020

00:52 Will Goldsmith produced by Aidan V and Jonathan

03:30 Q&A with the Facultay: Ms. Widener produced by Sam and Andy

06:16 Cabot School Update produced by Alex and Ana-Karina

08:55 How Will Thanksgiving Be Different For You? produced by Caroline, Nora, and Aidan O

11:01 Gratitude produced by Emma and Kaylee

Episode 1 - Aired on October 30, 2020

01:03 March for Race and Climate Justice produced by Alex, Aidan V, and Aidan O

03:42 How to Carve a Pumpkin produced by Jonathan

05:04 Scarecrow Contest at the Watertown Mall produced by Alex and Ana-Karina

06:40 Jeepers Creepers produced by Sam and Andy

07:02 Trick or Treat? produced by Caroline and Nora

09:13 The Mask produced by Mr. Dunlop and Ms. Mazzola

10:29 Faculty Halloween Costumes produced by Emma and Kaylee