WElcome to PLP Pathways

PLP Pathways was created to facilitate and guide participants through the design and implementation phases of their personalized learning program as mandated by Act 77 and the state of Vermont. Using the Agency of Education's guiding documents, experience from pilot projects, and in collaboration with educators and educational organizations from across the state, this site will support teachers in their efforts to develop personalized learning structures in their schools and communities. Additionally, as personalized learning matures across the state, we will be integrating proficiency-based learning into the personalized learning process to support the creation of integrated, 21st century learning environments that best suit the students of Vermont

Our sole purpose is to develop professional development resources, relationships, and collaborative opportunities in support of Vermont's teachers. The site has been built by teachers who have conducted these exercises in the classroom, who have collected data based on their work, and who have collaborated in an effort to create an educationally sound, developmentally appropriate, personal learning experience for students. We hope to bring a wide range of educators and educational organization together to improve education for Vermont's young people. The project is sponsored and supported by the Middle Grades Collaborative and the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education at the University of Vermont.

As you begin your personal learning journey, please consider the following essential questions.

Essential Questions:

  • How will our personalized learning structures align with the goals of our school, district, and the state of Vermont? What are our team's parameters?
  • How will PLPs, proficiency-based learning, and flexible pathways work together to create meaningful learning experiences for students?
  • How will PLPs, proficiency-based learning, and flexible pathways be communicated to parents and the community?
  • What benchmarks, proficiencies, and evidence will be included in the personal learning plans and how will this coordinate with the state of Vermont's move to proficiency based graduation requirements?
  • What flexible pathways are available to our students so they can demonstrate proficiency through multiple learning experiences?

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