Admin Council

From the Methodist Book of Discipline

¶ 252.1. Purpose - The church council shall provide for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church. ​It shall also provide for the administration of its organization and temporal life. It shall envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church.​ The church council shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference (¶ 244).

Center Church 10-02-17 Administrative Council Meeting

Attendees: Gary Leavelle, Vickie Vaughan, Rev. John Love, Terri Richardson, Rick Yancey, Gary Mauney, Alton Johnson, Danny Chafin, Glenda Burgess

Gary Leavelle called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM and opened with Corporate Prayer ending with Rev. John Love. Gary read scripture and asked that this scripture be in our thoughts during the meeting.

2017 Minutes were given out to all. After everyone read the minutes, a motion was made by Rick Yancey to approve the minutes, seconded by Danny Chafin and all approved.

Worship Committee: Vickie Vaughan reported that Worship Services are continuing to be exciting and to the glory of God. We are tweaking where we can to shorten individual segments of the service to the minimum to ensure we get out by 12:00. The choir is back in practice on Wednesday evenings and has provided hynmal musical worship once and is practicing to sing again soon. With only two sopranos and two altos, it is difficult to have everyone in attendance for a full performance. We need new choir members. It is almost time to buy a new computer for the sound and video booth. The one we have is slow and shuts down on us during preparation for the service and once or twice during the actual service.

Staff Parish Relations Committee: Danny Chafin indicated that we need a meeting prior to our November 5 Charge Conference Meeting to discuss salaries. We are still looking for a Youth Director, however, with the absence of most of the age group a Youth Director would be involved with, we are not pressing for hiring anyone until we see a need for it.

Cemetery Committee: Alton Johnson reported that Cemetery Maps are being updated. A previously unidentified grave has been identified and possibly a second. He is also still working on columbarium quotes.

Finance Committee: Terri Richardson passed out copies of reports to the members and a short discussion on how the reports read developed. There was no further reporting.

Membership: Glenda Burgess stated that there were no changes.

UMM: Rick Yancey stated that the UMM had a good meeting at Butcher Boy's on 9/8 mostly discussing the 10/15 Family Fun Day. He said that it looks like we're going to have a great day of community fellowship. He also said he needed help coordinating the events for the day. Danny Chafin said that he would help Rick and Gary Mauney and that he would call and ask a few people for help by phone.

Bazaar: Vickie stated that the bazaar tickets are on sale. Brochures are printed. We have sold 300 tickets so far and have fantastic response from church members about the crafts and wares they will bring to sell. Janice Yancey will be in charge of the baked and canned goods section. Vickie will need help getting tables placed and signs put out and taken down after the bazaar, as well as the room broken down and put back ready for the Baptist Church.

Lay Leader: Nothing to report.

Outreach: Trick or Trunk baskets are in the narthex for candy to be given by church members. We ran out of candy last year, so we need people to participate who maybe didn't last year to help us be ready.

Pastor's Report: Rev. Love reminded everyone that Charge Conference is 11/5. Nominations Committee will need to meet as well as SPRC to approve salaries and Nominations to approve replacements for members who are moving off their committee appointments.Rev; Love reminded us that we no longer live for ourselves, but for Him who died for us all. We should regard no one from a human point of view, but take the mind of Christ when in dealings with everyone. He read 2 Corinthians 5: 16-21.

After all reporting ended, Vickie Vaughan made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. Danny Chafin seconded and the meeting adjourned.

**Items underlined and bolded require attention and action.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Vickie Vaughan

(in Jo Kanzius' absence)

Center Church

Administration Council Minutes Sept, 11, 2017

Members in attendance: Rick Yancey, Gary Mauney, Gary Leavelle, Vickie Vaughan, Glenda Burgess, Alton Johnson, Ron & Jackie McGee

Non-voting: Pastor John, Terri Richardson. Others: Nadine Waters

Meeting called to order 7:01 Motion, Vickie Vaughan, seconded Gary Leavelle. Opening prayer by Ron McGee. Gary Leavelle presented and read from the book of Discipline. Discussion was held about what we can do as Admin Council and as a church to bring people to Christ.

Finance Ron McGee Terri Richardson present the Center Church budget. Ron will be submitting paperwork to Charge Council, and discussed possible changes in accounts in the budget. Changes were made to phone service, with the cost going from $250.00. To $89.99.

Cemetery Alton Johnson stated that a correction to the Aug. minutes be changed to the salesman’s name to Ray Barger and the amount of $10299.00 is the amount in checking. Minutes approved with this correction. Motion-Vickie Vaughan seconded Ron McGee.

Membership Glenda Burgess stated that this year there will be 53 names removed from membership. Currently, we have 303.

Worship Vickie Vaughan stated that things went smoothly during Marie’s absence with Music. The next step in cleanup will be the Sanctuary stage area. This year’s Bazaar money will be used towards the floor in the sanctuary.

Trustees Jo Kanzius stated that things are moving along great.

UMW Jackie McGee Next meeting will be Oct 3

UMM Rick Yancey stated that UMM will be serving Bandy’s football team Sept 21 & 22 at the school

Lay Leader Gary Mauney discussed things that churches are doing so that they don’t die. Try to increase going to Bible Studies, Sunday school, and other small groups.

Nadine read Romans 16: 17-18 Titus 3: 9-11

Copies of letters sent out to some members in regard to some issues we have had, were handed out so that stories will hopefully stop on social media. These members quit coming to church and were uninterested in reconciling with the church. Some ministries needed to move on with ease, and know who is handling what.

Minutes to the August 7, 2017 meeting were read and approved.

Closing prayer was offered by Pastor John.

Meeting adjourned, motion Glenda Burgess, seconded by Vickie Vaughan

Aug 7, 2017 Admin Council Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:05. Gary Mauney opened with prayer.

Members in attendance: Gary Leavelle, Vickie Vaughan, Susie & Danny Chafin, Rick Yancey, Glenda Burgess, Todd Rinehart, Alton Johnson, Gary Mauney, Jackie & Ron McGee, Jo Kanzius.

Non-voting: Pastor John, Terri Richardson

Others: Steve Vogel, Hunter Vogel, Cat Brown, David Baez and son, Gerald Brown, Caleb Rohlfing, Charlie Sharp Terry Rohlfing.

Gary Leavelle referenced Revelation 2 and 3

 2 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.’ “I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you cannot tolerate evil men, and you put to the test those  3 and you have perseverance and have endured for My name’s sake, and have not grown weary.

Motion to approve June 2017 Minutes made by Ron McGee, Gary Mauney seconded, passed by all.

Caleb Rohlfing thanked the church for all they do and expressed his concern about the new BSA policy of accepting gay, lesbian and transgender people into leadership roles . Asst. Scoutmaster Steve Vogel, asked where the Church is at on this matter. Gary Leavelle stated that we have voted to keep Scouts at Center, it is still in discussion.

The Scout working committee consisting of Gary Leavelle, Alton Johnson, Gary Mauney, Todd Rinehart, Vickie Vaughan and Jo Kanzius, had voted 5-1 in favor of keeping the Scouts at Center. They also will be working on putting new policies in place to be added to the Scout Charter that is up for renewal in December 2017.

Gary Leavelle discussed the phone situation that is up before the trustees. The current phone system and the costs involved to upgrade. And the Call Multiplier software cost which tech support is included. With the advantage of quicker response.

Nurture & Outreach Susie Chafin stated that the Fun Day, providing food, games and backpacks for the kids is Sat. Aug, 12 is ready to go with lots of volunteers She also invited the Boy Scouts to come and be a part of. Susie also asked to have a list put up of whom to contact if a member wants to borrow something from the church.

Membership Glenda Burgess reported that Bill & Jennifer Ross were welcomed into membership. That brings our total to 302.

UMW Jackie McGee had nothing new to report.

Finance Ron McGee stated that he went to the High Point Bank to release funds for the remodel. He was unable because signatures need to be signed. Ron is going to ask Gary York about this.

Trustees Todd Rinehart reported that our permits for the renovation are approved, and that the County asked for an asbestos check. The inspector came during this Admin Council meeting. We should know in about a week. Everything is moving forward.

Worship Vickie Vaughan stated “Everything is going great!” She also commended Pastor John on his perfect timing with the last service!! Alton Johnson asked about having some traditional included in worship. Vickie Vaughan assured him that it has been discussed and a plan is in the works.

Church Secretary Terri Richardson asked when our Church was having our Charge Conference. Date, to be announced. Pastor John said he will handle that when he gets the date.

Cemetery Alton Johnson stated that the cemetery fund has $10299.34. He has visited

Columbarium’s around the county with Ray Barden. The cost of ours , for 64 vaults, 32 on each side would be $17,000.00 Alton will have a picture of this on the board in the Narthex.

UMM Rick Yancey told us that in July they hosted a youth group from Washington. There were 7 students and 2 leaders. He said that he and the people that volunteers that helped got more out of helping this group. The UMM will be providing the food for the Backpack/Fun Day. Rick also announced that the UMM will not be setting up at Murrays Mill this year due to the uncertainty of help. They are also planning to feed Bandy’s Football teams this Sept. JV 9/21 and V 9/22. They are not sure where as of this time.

Lay Leader Gary Mauney encourages everyone to attend Sunday school and our Bible Study’s. The Books of the Bible and Lord change my attitude. October District Revival: Gastonia. Guest Pastor is from Florida.

SPRC Danny Chafin said that the committee is still in search of a new Youth Coordinator and may have to look outside of the Church. Our Music director, Marie, will be going to TX for a month to explore a possible job there for her husband. This however won’t happen for a year. Danny will contact Shelton Financial about the pay changes during Marie’s absence.

Discussions What is Helping Hands?

The procedure for any member of our church needing help, financially from that ministry is to contact Pastor John. This contact is and should be totally confidential and private.

Any non-member attending the church will be directed to ECCCM first. If anyone would like to help this ministry, please mark your envelope in the “other” line Helping Hands. There will be offerings taken for this on each 5th Sunday during the year.

Pastor John Romans 16 Titus 2 How do we deal with dissention and rumors in the Church? This is the body of Christ Think about it…….

Vickie Vaughan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Jackie McGee seconded, passed by all. Vickie closed with prayer. Next Admin Council meeting Sept, 11, 2017

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Kanzius

July 2017 Admin Council

July 2017 Meeting held on June 26 2017 due to holiday

Meeting called to order at 7:07 Motion made by Ron McGee, Susie Chafins seconded.

Voting Members in attendance: Gary Leavelle, Todd Rinehart, Glenda Burgess, Pastor John, Rick Yancey, Ron & Jackie McGee, Susie Chafins , Alton Johnson, Gary Mauney.

Non-Voting: Terri Richardson

Others in attendance: Rick Burgess

A motion to approve both minute as presented, the June 5 and the June 18 2017 Minutes, was made by Ron McGee. Todd Rinehart seconded, passed by all.

Membership Glenda Burgess had nothing new to report.

Nurture & Outreach Susie Chafins reported that she and the committee will be checking on dates in August for the Backpack Program. It was discussed that a Fun Day could be combined with the Backpack day.

Cemetery Alton Johnson is still waiting to get together with the salesman about the cremation wall.

Finance Ron McGee said that he had paid the 1st quarter apportionment . Nothing to report on the audit of Workman’s Comp. A discussion was held about other internet options, and Gary Leavelle said he would check on prices. Todd Rinehart made a motion to dissolution the BNC CD, formerly known as High Point Bank , into the Building Fund. Susie Chafins seconded, passed by all.

UMW Jackie McGee had nothing to report.

Lay Leader Gary said that the new mass mailing of Post Cards were prayed over and sent out.

UMM Rick Yancey reported that the men have fed VBS kids and 120 scouts at the Cub Day Camp.

Nothing is planned for the month of July other than their regular meeting.

Terri Richardson asked about someone wanting to book the hall in Dec. Todd recommended not to book the church until we have more info on the timeline of the Reno.

Trustees They will be meeting with Contractor about add ons, as explained in June 18 Minutes. One issue that needs to be addressed right now is fixing the anchors to stabilize the pews.

Pastor John spoke about the changing of the conference location to possibly Huntersville, because the current building is run down.

Gary Leavelle brought up a discussion with some Scout issues. He recommended that we should form a working committee for Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. Volunteers are: Gary Leavelle, Alton Johnson, Gary Mauney, Todd Rinehart, and Jo Kanzius

Next Admin Council meeting: Aug 7, 2017 7:00

Ron McGee made a motion to adjourn, Jo Kanzius seconded. Passed by all

June 2017 Special Admin Council Meeting

Administrative Council

June 18, 2017

Special meeting was called for a vote on the Fellowship Hall/Kitchen renovation estimate.

Voting Members in attendance: Alton Johnson, Jackie and Ron McGee, Glenda Burgess, Gary Leavelle, Gary Mauney, Pastor John, Vickie Vaughan, Elesa Putnam, Rick Yancey, Jo Kanzius.

Todd Rinehart presented the estimate and discussed other improvements that will be done such as: Lighting inside and out that needs to be corrected and added. An awning that is needed to protect the new Cemetery door.

The renovation estimate is $186,000. The Contractor added a bit to the budget to allow for unforeseen problems that may arise.

Open discussion was held by the members. Some Trustees agreed to paint the new walls. The money saved , around $5,600, will pay for the repair of the Church’s foundation-$5,500, unless more work is needed once they s get in there and see if the years of neglect created more work.

Jackie McGee asked about the ceiling damage upstairs in the craft room was going to be taken care of. Jo Kanzius stated that the leak/damage was an issue for a while. The roof was repaired and wood was also replaced on June 15, at a cost of $200.00

Timeline for the Reno: It will take about 1 month now that it has been approved. The permits will need to be pulled, which can take time. The renovation itself should take about 6 months

Ron McGee made a motion to accept the estimate . Rick Yancey seconded

Vote: Unanimously approved

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Kanzius

June 2017 Admin Council Minutes

Administrative Council Minutes

June 5, 2017

Voting members in attendance: Gary Leavelle, Ron & Jackie McGee, Gary Mauney, Danny & Susie Chafin, Alton Johnson, Vickie Vaughan, Pastor Love, Rick Yancey, Glenda Burgess, Jo Kanzius.

Nonvoting: Terri Richardson,

Others in attendance: Alvin & Ray Ann Perdue.

April3 2017 Minutes: Danny Chafin stated that there is no contract with Shelton Financial, and then made motion to accept. Rick Yancey 2nd, Passed by all

May1 2017 Minutes: Gary Mauney made motion to accept, Susie Chafin 2nd Passed by all

Gary opened discussion with his email to Members of Council: God is not bound by statistics, but, man is bound by statistics. Man is bound by the odds. If we do not change our focus; if our focus is not on the eternal, then we become the dust of men. Let me say that again - eternal God or dust of men

UMM Rick Yancey reported that the Car Show was a great success, having raised around $2,500. He thanked everyone that helped, and Jimmy Brewer for starting the process. The Men also provided a cook out for the Cub Scouts Advancement ceremony. They will also be providing lunch on June 23rd at the Scout Jamboree at Mt Zion Lutheran Church

UMW Jackie McGee Reported that the Ladies Salad Luncheon is June 11. Cost: donations only.

Cemetery Alton Johnson had nothing to report other than he will be having a meeting with a man about the crematory wall.

Finance Ron McGee spoke about needing new computers to run the new accounting programs. Also an upgraded surge protection and battery backup. According to Discipline, insurance premiums need to be updated.

Membership Glenda Burgess reported that we have 301 members to date

Nurture & Outreach Susie Chafin discussed plans for the backpack program and the free yard sale

SPRC Danny Chafin reported that they a currently looking replacement for a Youth Director position, and or ideas from other churches and Pastor. Jeannie and & Keith are moving. They will be missed. A huge discussion ensued about Outreach for our Church.

Lay Leader Gary spoke VBS and invited members to attend to help and enjoy! He also told us we need to pray over the new Outreach post card that will be mailed out shortly.

Worship Vickie Vaughan Currently they have a meeting planned, but as of now there is no news other than Choir is working on different music.

Gary Leavelle talked about assembling a Scout Committee help with the Scouting Program.

Vickie Vaughan made a motion to adjourn meeting. It was seconded by Danny Chafin Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Kanzius

May 2017 Admin Council Minutes

Administrative Council Meeting

Center Church


Attendees: Gary Leavelle, Gary Mauney, Vickie Vaughan, John Love, Susie Chafin, Jackie McGee, Ron McGee, Terri Richaardson, Alton Johnson, Rick Yancey, Todd Rinehart

Chairperson, Gary Leavelle opened with prayer and spoke on spiritual formation. Spiritual formation/transformation brings/creates a new heart and mind. Our Discipline talks about prayer and study. The health and maturity of our church is directly affected by its spiritual formation.

Following this time of fellowship, Gary Leavelle brought the business meeting to order.

UMM - Rick Yancey reported two blessings. His sister, Sandra Sipe, and her home were spared during the storm the previous night. Also, the spot on Janice's liver was scar tissue. The final planning meeting for the carshow will be May 6. Trophies are here, t-shirts will be by Friday. We have learned that Friendship Church will not do a show next year, so we might be able to build our Show Program picking up cars from that show and also "people" traffic.

Trustees - Todd Rinehart said the trustees are waiting on pricing of the remodel of the Fellowship Hall. He also said the Cub Scouts will repay the money deducted from the church account which was discussed last meeting. A discssion ensued about the ownership of scout charters. Todd, Alton and Gary Mauney will try to get a copy of the charters. Doors are being installed and will be painted.

Nurture and Outreach - Susie Chafin reported that postcards are being prepared to be mailed to the entire 28609 mailcode inviting people to Center Church.

Finance Committee – Ron McGee provided finance reports of budgeted versus spent monies. Terri Richardson will check into line 6.24 as it seems to be incorrect. Ron asked Terri to check into a MAC computer and a church credit card.

Gary Mauney asked about a possible Love Offering for John and Bessie Ott. Gary Mauney made a motion to take a Love Offering for the Otts. It was seconded by Ron McGee and the vote approved a June 4th Love Offering.

UMW – Jackie McGee reported the the UMW will hold a salad luncheon on June 11 as a fundraiser.

Rev. John Love – said that the Methodist Church will call a General Conference Meeting in 2019 to vote on allowing Gay and Lesbian ministers in the pulpit.

Gary Mauney made a motion to end the meeting, it was seconded by Todd Rinehart and the meeting was called closed.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Vickie Vaughan

Interem Secretary

April 2017 Minutes

Administrative Council Meeting


In attendance: Gary Leavelle, Rev. John Love, Vickie Vaughan, Ron McGee, Glenda Burgess, Danny Chafin, Rick Yancey, Alton Johnson, Gary Mauney.

The Meeting was called to order by Chair, Gary Leavelle with prayer offered by Ron McGee.

Attached is a letter sent to members from Gary Leavelle to prepare us for this meeting listing our VISION, HOPE and PURPOSE, as well as a preliminary calendar of church events.

Gary asked the group, "How do we grow our love for God and help others do the same?" Responses given were prayer and study of God's Word.

Membership: Glenda Burgess reported we added David Drum as member to Center Church, bringing our total to 304.

Finance Committee: Chair, Ron McGee, provided the attached reports of budget and budget spending for 2017, and a letter to the Finance Committee from Ron McGee in January, indicating needed changes for security of Church checks and private documents. A letter was then read by Ron to the Council from People's Bank regarding a Cub Scouts account being in overdraft with funds retrieved by the Bank from the General Fund. Ron McGee made motion to secure signed documentation from Peoples Bank indicating who set up all sub-accounts incluing, UMM, UMW, Ballpark, Cemetary Fund, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth and Cub Scouts(any sub-account connected with Center UMC). A draft letter to the bank is attached. Danny Chafin seconded this motion and the motion passed unanimously. Ron McGee also made motion that pursuant to the January letter to the Finance Committee, that we purchase new software to manage our church bookkeeping for payment of bills and payroll. After reviewing the letter indicating a savings of $4,000 per year, Vickie Vaughan seconded the motion and the motion was passed by unanimous vote. Danny Chafin will contact Shelton Financial and ask for an "Engagement" letter to find out if we must give them notice prior to stopping their service. Ron informed the Council that a payment is due on May 25 for annual insurance policy covering bonding, general liability, workers compensation of $7,000. Vickie Vaughan, in an effort to stop negative and inaccurate gossip regarding church giving, made the motion to remove from the bulletin and the monthly newsletter, the reporting of collections versus budget because it doesn't show actual spending and leads people to believe we aren't giving enough to pay our bills. A discussion regarding these two different sets of figures ensued. Danny Chafin seconded this motion and it was approved by all. Information regarding financial information can be obtained from the treasurer, Terri Richardson during business hours which will indicate collections compared to spending. These figures will also be provided by the Finance Committee to the Administrative Council monthly.

Center Church Women's Group: Vickie Vaughan reported a net of $870 from our birthday party.

Worship Committee: Vickie Vaughan reported the Worship Committee agreed to hold a Holy Friday Service on 4/14 at 7:00 PM which will include Maundy Thursday and Holy Friday instruction along with communion. Sunday Easter Sunrise Service will be at 8:00 AM followed by breakfast at 8:30 AM provided by Center Church Men's Group with worship at 10:00AM.

Cemetery Committee: Alton Johnson had nothing new to report for Cemetery Committee.

Nurture/Outreach: Danny Chafin reported for Susie that they are working on a visitation program.

SPRC: Danny Chafin reported the SPRC met with Marie Hitzemann regarding discrepancies in her pay. The SPRC after investigation found that Cammie Adams and Marie were both overpaid in 2016. Once the error was found and changed, the SPRC voted unanimously not to ask Marie to repay the overpayment. Youth Coordinators, Jeannie and Keith Clark have informed Pastor Love that they will be moving to Hickory in the near future, but will continue as Youth Leaders until the end of June. Once SPRC receives a letter from the Clarks, they will be in the process of finding replacements.

Center Church Men's Group: Rick Yancey reported that the group will provide breakfast for Easter Sunday at 8:30 AM. They are also having a planning meeting Saturday, April 22, regarding the upcoming First Annual Center Car Show on May13. There is an order form in the narthex for T-shirts for church members, Jimmy Brewer has ordered trophies, and excitement is building for the show.

Other Business: Rev. John Love reported there is progress in getting quotes for the Walking Trail Sign. The sign companies recommended wood due to the beauty wood provides to this type of outside facility. Vickie Vaughan made the motion to purchase wood rather than metal, Danny Chafin seconded and the vote was unanimous.

With no other business to discuss, Vickie Vaughan made a motion to adjourn and Glenda Burgess seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

March 2017 Minutes

Center United Methodist Church

Minutes-Administrative Council

March 5, 2017

Prepared by Jo Kanzius

Voting Members in attendance: Chairman Gary Leavelle, Todd Rinehart, Rick Yancey, Alton Johnson, Glenda Burgess, Jackie& Ron McGee, Gary Mauney, Jerry Clark, Vickie Vaughan, Keith Clark, Jo Kanzius, Pastor Love.

Non-voting member: Terri Richardson

Others in attendance: Lynne Beaird, Kenny & Jean Monroe

Meeting called to order at 4:03 and opened with prayer by Gary Mauney


 25 Min-Vision & Purpose  5 min-Prayer  30 min-Business

Vision and Purpose

Center United Methodist Church mission statement with one small change

To love & follow Jesus; make disciples; transform the world.

How do we make that more of a reality in our lives, the lives of those at Center Church and the lives of those that are in our church neighborhood, where we live? Who do YOU invest in, encourage or mentor on a spiritual and personal level? Who mentors or encourages YOU in the faith on a personal level?

Prayer Vickie Vaughan and Ron McGee offered prayers for our community


Council members reviewed the minutes for February 5, 2017. Vickie Vaughan made a motion to accept minutes, Gary Mauney seconded, all in favor

Committee Reports

Youth Keith Clark

The group has approximately 10-12 youth attending. They are doing the Tim Tebow series – Shaken. He shared a list of opportunities that the youth would like to do. That list was attached to the Feb. 2017 Minutes. The Council expressed interest in having a Youth Sunday in the future.

UMW Jackie McGee

Nothing new to report other than having tickets left to sell for the Birthday Party on Mar, 18.

UMM Rick Yancey

1st Annual Car Show planning May 13, 2017 - Rain date May 20, 2017 There will be things for kids to enjoy as well.

Trustees Todd Rinehart

The Community Walking Trail is finished! We have been checking options for lighting outside. We have also been working with a contractor and are meeting with an architect for the kitchen and fellowship hall renovations.

Trustees have approved Trey Hensely’s Eagle Project, which will include making benches and updating the landscape around the arbor.

Bazaar Vickie Vaughan

Vickie discussed the funds from the Bazaar and their appropriations go as follow: 2015 $10,000-Kitchen 2016 $10,000 General beautification of the Narthex and Sanctuary.

Worship Vickie Vaughan

Discussion of the possible need of a new monitor in the Sanctuary.

Membership Glenda Burgess

Feb 5, 2017 should have read 303 members. We have added 1 new member which brings the total to 304.

Finance Ron McGee

Discussion was had about issues with the FLC letter. Admin. Council had approved only 2 choices: leave the money in FLC account to be moved to the Building Fund or return money to the person donating into that account.

New Administrative Council meeting time and day- the first Monday of the month-Starting Apr 3, 2017 at 7:00pm. Gary Leavelle made the motion, Jo Kanzius seconded, Passed by all.

Gary Mauney made a recommendation to include recognition in gratitude to Jason Eades, who’s original Eagle project was our very 1st Walking Trail. Also discussed was a plan to recognize all of the Boy Scouts and their Eagle Projects that were accomplished all around the Church.

Council discussed and named the new walking trail:

Keith Waters Community Walking Trail

Pastor Love made the motion, Todd Rinehart seconded, unanimously passed by all.

Meeting adjourned - 5:21

Vickie Vaughan made motion, Glenda Burgess seconded, passed

February 2017 Minutes

Center United Methodist Church

Minutes-Administrative Council Meeting

Sunday February 5, 2017

Prepared by Jo Kanzius

Approved on 3/5/17 by Administrative Council

Voting Members in Attendance: Gary Leavelle, Rick Yancey, Jackie McGee, Vickie Vaughan, Gary Mauney, Elesa Putnam, Danny Chafin, Jerry Clark, Pastor Love, Glenda Burgess, Ron McGee, and Todd Rinehart.

Others in Attendance: Paula & Ron Lancaster, Rick Burgess.

Meeting called to order at 4:00pm and opened with prayer by Gary Mauney.

Council Members reviewed the minutes from January 15, 2017. Vickie Vaughan made a motion to accept the minutes, Danny Chafin seconded the motion. All Members voted in favor of the motion.

Chairman Leavelle received information from Terri Richardson regarding an umbrella policy about terrorism Insurance. That information is being sent to trustees to look over.

Agenda ● 20 min-Vision & Purpose 1Peter 3:15 ● 5 min-Prayer ● 35 min-Business

Chairman Leavelle asked Council Members what their thoughts were on Vision & Purpose and to give examples of reaching out. Some Members expressed that mostly evangelism worked for them. Whether it was door to door or casual conversations with strangers that made them want to know more.

Chairman Leavelle asked for volunteers to provide prayers for continued Vision. Ron McGee, Vickie Vaughan and Danny Chafin prayed.

Committee Reports Membership​—Glenda Burgess We have had 1 new member, Chuck Wilson, which bring the Membership total to 302 Evangelism/Nurture​---Elsea Putnam They have talked about doing some fundraising, in order to help with paying of student lunch cards at the local public schools so that they won’t be refused food. United Methodist Women​---Jackie McGee Upcoming event: UMW Birthday Dinner for missions

March 18, 2017 6:00PM Tickets-$10.00

United Methodist Men​---Rick Yancey They were able to get their pizzas delivered safely to Bandy’s High School during the bad weather that we had. Upcoming event: Country Style Steak Dinner February 23​rd​. It’s their Mission work for the Community. Cemetery​---Alton Johnson Reported that the beginning balance was: Jan 2016 $3589.34 Balance Dec 2016 $18391.56

He is currently getting bids on the Wall for the containment of Urns. Staff Parrish Relations​---Danny Chafin Danny stated that the SPR committee had voted to keep Pastor John Love for another year. Trustees​---Todd Rinehart The new gas stove is here and he is currently getting the last bid on converting the kitchen to propane.

The exterior doors are being replaced at this time and should be finished shortly.

The Walking Trail will begin as soon as the weather gets more consistent and warmer. Worship​---Vickie Vaughan General discussion of maintenance and appearance of Sanctuary.

They are trying to save time by combining prayers and unspoken prayer request. They will start taking into consideration time spent on special occasions like baptism, communion etc. and adjust the worship service accordingly. Finance​---Ron McGee He states that he does not have enough financial information to present a report or budget to Council. He made a motion that each committee that has a checkbook, needs to give him a monthly bank statement. Whether there has been any activity or not. Danny Chafin seconded. All Members voted in favor.

Concerning the process of determining re-designation of funds from The Family life Center since the Church membership vote in October, Council suggested that Ron meet with Terri Richardson for specific details he needed. The Council recommended that Ron bring the information back to the next meeting.

Motion from Vickie Vaughan to adjourn meeting. Seconded by Ron McGee. All approved.

Meeting adjourned at approx 5:20 pm

January 2017 Minutes

Center United Methodist Church

Minutes Administrative Council Meeting

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Admin Council approved minutes at Feb 5 council meeting

Voting Members in attendance: Danny Chafin, Susie Chafin, Elesa Putnam, Ron McGee, Glenda Burgess, Todd Rinehart, Jackie McGee, Donna Rudisill, Gary Leavelle, and Pastor Love

Non-Voting Member: Terri Richardson

Others in attendance: Alton Johnson, Ron Lancaster, Paula Lancaster, and Lisa Rudisill

Meeting called to order at 4:04pm and opened with prayer provided by Gary Leavelle

Chairman Leavelle shared the January 2017 Agenda:

• Vision & Purpose (25 minutes)

• Prayer (5 minutes)

• Nuts & Bolts (30 minutes)

Chairman Leavelle referenced the letter that he had placed in each Administrative Council member's mailbox that reviewed the goals and focus of the Administrative Council as found in the UMC Book of Discipline.

The Book Discipline says we should focus on the three ministries:

1. Nurture

2. Outreach

3. Witness

and Leadership & Resources

Great Commission says: (In the words of Jesus)

Go out and train everyone

You meet far and near in this way of life

Making them in baptism in the 2 fold name: farther, son, Holy Spirit

Then, instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you

I will be with you as you do this, day after day after day right up to the end of the age.

Chairman Leavelle asked the Council to consider each of the Ministries and give examples of each.

I. Nurture Ministries (What is Nurturing?)

• Spiritual Needs

• Physical Needs

• Visiting

• Compassion

• Pray for each other

• What we do "Here"

Examples: Prayer Pairs, sending cards, visiting shut-ins and sick, Christmas caroling, etc.

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II. Outreach Ministries (What is Outreach?)


• Backpack Ministry & School Supplies

• Christmas Bazaar

• Senior Morning Out

• Being available to the world

• Boy & Girl Scouts

• Free Yard Sale

• Childcare

• Playground and Walking Track

III. Witnessing Ministries (What is Witnessing?)

• Testimony

IV. Leadership & Resources

• Need to discuss and determine a vision for Leadership for the future of our church.

• Must have vision an purpose before we can have programs

V. Prayer

• Pray for each other

• Pray for unity, one body, one spirit

• Pray for Ministries/Committees

• Prayer for a Bold Vision & Purpose Worthy of our calling in Christ

• Current Outreach Programs

• Childrens Church

• Country & Leadership - Unity

• Ministry - John Love

• UMW - prayer for growth

• Revival

• Children & Faith

Chairman Leavelle requested volunteers to provide prayer: Ron McGee, Danny Chafin & Pastor Love

Nuts and Bolts

Chairman Leavelle requested that prior to each Council meeting each committee chairman prepare a summary report and give this to Terri Richardson, the church secretary. Terri will prepare a committee report and put it in the Council members' mailboxes to be read prior to the Administrative Council meetings. Chairman Leavelle stated that this would allow for more efficiency during the meetings.

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New Business


NOVEMBER 6, 2016

AMENDMENT - Nov. 6, 2016 Minutes (page 3, paragraph 5)

Motion: Danny Chafin made the motion to amend the Nov. 6, 2016 Minutes to include that Don Farris recanted his statement that he didn't recall signing the re-designation of funds letter. He noted that Don Farris he made phone calls to all Council Members stating that he did sign the re- designation letter. Ron McGee seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of the motion.

Donna Rudisill stated that if the re-designation letter had been approved by the Finance Committee and the Administrative Council there would not have been any confusion regarding the signatures. The re-designation letter is a historical document regarding the finances of our church; therefore, it should have been approved by the Finance Committee and then presented and approved by the Administrative Council before being sent out to the membership. Pastor Love disagreed and stated that there should be no further discussion regarding this matter.

NOVEMBER 27, 2016

Danny Chafin questioned the excerpt from the Minutes of March 2014 that include a list of repairs and improvements; he stated that he didn't recall Mary Rohlfing reading the entire list during the Nov. 6th meeting. Donna Rudisill stated with all the side conversations taking place during the meeting it was difficult to hear everything that Mary listed; therefore, she requested that Mary send her a copy of the March 2014 minutes. The actual excerpt came from the March 2014 Minutes.

Ron Lancaster pointed out that in Robert's Rules of Order that if the entire list was not read during the Nov. 6th meeting, then it could not appear as a record in the Minutes. Only the exact items read could be part of the minutes.

Donna Rudisill pointed out that in the past Administrative Council Chairman, Don Farris always read over the Minutes prior to them being printed for the members.

AMENDMENT Nov. 27, 2016 Minutes — Priority List — Mary Rohlfing (page 2, paragraph 5)

Motion: Gary Leavelle made motion to strike the excerpt from the March 2014 Minutes and amend the Nov. 27, 2016 minutes to state that Mary Rohlfing referenced a list of items that included: HVAC, Exterior Doors, Roof on out building, Playground and carpeting & flooring in the fellowship and worship center. Todd Rinehart seconded the motion. All members voted in favor of the motion.

Danny Chafin questioned Gary York's statement in the Nov. 27, 2016, Minutes regarding re- designation of funds to the Cemetery fund instead of the two options listed in the second re- designation letter. Danny stated that if people were requesting their funds be re-designated to the Cemetery fund that this would be going against the Council. Donna Rudisill stated that the re- designation letter was never approved by the Administrative Council; therefore, the decision to re- designate funds to the Cemetery fund would not be going against the Council. Alton Johnson, Chairman of Cemetery Fund, pointed out that some folks had chosen put the funds in the Cemetery

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Fund rather than requesting they be returned or have them placed in the Building Fund. Alton stated the decision was their choice. Chairman Gary Leavelle pointed out that the only thing in question regarding the minutes was if Gary York had made the statement regarding the funds being re-designated to the Cemetery fund. Those in attendance validated that the statement was made by Gary York.

Donna Rudisill stated that she planned to resign as the Secretary of Administrative Council and that she would put this in writing. She requested that the Lay Leadership Committee find someone to fill her position ASAP. She pointed out that it was not the corrections to the minutes that caused her make this decision. She stated she is a life-long member of the church; she had never seen the level of division that was occurring in our church, and she did not wish to continue in the position as Secretary due the level of stress being created by the church division.

Motion: Gary Leavelle made the motion that in the future the Administrative Council to read over the minutes during each Council meeting before they are printed and given to membership. Danny Chafin seconded the motion. All members vote in favor of the motion.

Gary Leavelle provided the closing prayer.

5:16pm Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully Submitted

Donna Rudisill, Secretary of the Administrative Council

Note: The Administrative Council has not yet received a revised list of the new 2017 Administrative

Council. This document also needs to be published to the church membership.

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