The Grand Pacific House Museum

In the late 1800's, New Baltimore was a favorite destination for vacationing Detroiters.

Visitors would ride out on the Rapid Railway or sail to Anchor Bay aboard steamships such as the Tashmoo. Rental cottages, hotels and mineral baths awaited.

One of the finest hotels of the time, the Grand Pacific House, was constructed in 1881 for New Baltimore's Frederick C. Losh. It is the last remaining hotel of the era.

The limestone for its deep foundation was shipped to New Baltimore from Kelly's island in Lake Erie, near Sandusky, Ohio. Local bricklayers constructed the two-story building on Washington Street.

The "modern" hotel featured a lobby, dining room, and Saloon on the first floor, with eight bedrooms on the second floor.

Around 1910, when business began to decline, the Grand Pacific House became a boarding house and later, a private residence. During the 1920's the saloon was transformed into a soda fountain and candy store. In 1927, it was converted into a hardware store by Ed Maliskey, who ran the store until his passing in 1972.

The New Baltimore Historical Society purchased the building in 1986 thanks to many fundraising efforts and generous donations. Ten years later, the Grand Pacific House received it's Michigan State Historic marker.

The restoration process continues as the Grand Pacific House lives on...