Smithtown Christian School

Performing Arts New Instrument Selections

A Few Quick Notes:

A few quick notes...

1. Select: Selection Form

2. Students will select their top 3 choices and the music teachers will determine final selection. If a child has already taken private lessons on the specific instrument, he/she may be asked to demonstrate his/her skills to the music teachers before a final decision is determined.

2. All students participate in chorus as it not just a singing ensemble, but a place where students explore and continue on the percussive instruments and ukuleles they started in 3rd grade.

3. Forms will be reviewed by the music teachers and notification provided to families. Upon notification of your child's selection, we strongly encourage summer music lessons with an SCS Music teacher. Instrument rentals are discounted throughout the summer and students who start in the summer always come into the fall with such fantastic confidence!

4. It is strongly recommended that instruments be rented (not purchased) the first year. A reliable list of music stores will be provided when notification of selection is sent out. (Always get damage protection!) SCS does not provide instruments. However, there are some larger instruments available to students for ease of transportation. (You will be contacted directly if this pertains to your child's selection.)

5. Please watch the slideshow presentation to review the list of instruments from which students may choose.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have about the process!