About SafeStorageCA


The mission of SafeStorageCA is to make it easy for volunteers to contact their school districts and schools, asking for secure gun storage information to be sent to every family..

Why Now?

The number of homes with firearms has never been higher. Unintentional shootings of children are on the rise. Most of those shootings occur with firearms that were accessed by the victims or their acquaintances. Before the pandemic, 4.6 million American children lived in homes with unlocked loaded guns. Research shows that one in three city homes contains guns with nearly twice this rate in rural areas. Gun sales were higher than ever in 2020 and the first six months of 2021, with many first time gun owners. Secure gun storage saves lives.

Schools as Partners

Schools are important partners for gun safety because in 75% of school shootings, kids bring in guns from their own homes. Schools can help to protect their students from accidental shootings and suicide by reminding families to store firearms safely. Sending gun information to families is not controversial and many districts in California have already done so. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond has asked all County and District Superintendents and Charter School Administrators to do the same thing we are requesting.

Legislative Efforts

Efforts to legislate a requirement for schools to notify parents of Safe Storage laws have been unsuccessful. Our children's safety deserves immediate action. With the increased number of guns in homes in which children reside, it is more important than ever for parents and citizens to urge school districts to act.


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