This is a website with information about building a Net Zero Energy House. This endeavor was to build a house that was environmentally friendly and help to educate interested individuals on ways to improve the energy efficiency of any new home that they build or older home that they renovate.

Most of the things that were done for this house were not difficult, expensive, or on the cutting edge of building techniques. A combination of good building techniques and more efficient appliances will help reduce your power use and payments, as well as your carbon footprint.

We have received our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification of Platinum in Dec 2016. This is the highest designation that there is for a home. We are the 7th private home in Tennessee to receive such a certification.

We have gotten our HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of Zero, with the average home having a score of 100%.That makes the house a net zero energy house. After living in the house in 2015 for the whole year (we moved in late in 2014) we generated 13,712 Kwh of electricity, and used only 9,647 Kwh, so we sold to TVA 4065 Kwh. We generated 42% more power than we needed thus making someone in our neighborhood GREEN also. What a joy! Even though our HER's rating is 0, we are actually would rate a negative number.

This website is designed to help you increase the comfort of your home while decreasing its energy usage in a way that uses conventional, readily available materials and techniques. I hope that this website helps you learn more about what is available right now to build a net zero energy home.