The Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School (NERCLS) promises to be a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience. RCLS is designed for Cadet Officers to learn new skills and knowledge they need to be more effective leaders in their home squadrons and wings. The RCLS blends classroom theory with hands-on training to help cadets truly grasp the concepts they are being presented. The RCLS is academically challenging and the students will have to manage their own time to ensure that they successfully complete RCLS. The students that attend this RCLS will be Cadet Officers, and they will be treated as such. There is one theme that permeates all of RCLS, which is the concept of servant leadership. It is summed up in our motto “Protelo est Ministro”, which means “to Lead is to Serve.”


The Northeast Region will be hosting a virtual Region Cadet Leadership School, open to cadets from around the Nation. This school promises to be a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience for Cadet Officers and soon-to-be Cadet Officers. This activity is accredited as a Cadet Special Activity, and graduates and staff will be eligible to wear the CSA ribbon!

There will be two different courses, the Region Cadet Leadership School (RCLS), and the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC). The RCLS is an opportunity for Cadets to learn and practice leadership skills, including project management, interpersonal skills, leadership theory. Graduation from this course allows Cadets to earn their Ira C. Eaker Award. The ALC is a new course, centered around Phase IV topics like executive-level leadership, management, communication, and planning.

Currently, staff applications are now open for both RCLS and ALC! To be eligible to apply for staff, cadets must have graduated either RCLS or COS. Student registration will be open soon, check our website for when registration opens!

Because the RCLS is not during a school break, it is scheduled to work alongside normal school. The majority of classes take place over the weekends of March 13-28, with some study time scheduled on weekday evenings.


To develop dynamic and effective leaders through strategic leadership training and officership development.


Today's cadets are tomorrow's aerospace leaders. Civil Air Patrol introduces youth to Air Force perspectives on leadership through self-paced study, classroom instruction and hands-on opportunities to apply leadership principles to real-world challenges. As cadets advance through the program, in-residence (and now virtual) leadership schools give them a space to explore increasingly complex concepts and skills associated with leading others. Attendance at a leadership academy is required to earn the Eaker Award and cadets should plan their cadet careers accordingly. Cadets have opportunities to study advanced leadership concepts in two settings:

The Northeast Region Cadet Leadership School was founded to serve the cadets in the Northeast Region. Through strategic leadership training and officership development, the school has educated hundreds of Civil Air Patrol cadets throughout the region and the nation. In more recent years, the Connecticut Wing has been the host for the Winter NERCLS at Camp Nett in Niantic, CT.



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