3-D Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures

6 inch Arch Truss Structure and Truss shown under 25 pounds of steel, print time was approximately 20 minutes.

4 inches high modulus twisted Square, also shown under 25 pounds of steel, and last the twisted square with integrated wires to power LED's or sensors.

5 inch flexible Sandal shown being squeezed and then relaxes back to shape.

6 inch Park Bench Concrete Form, next shown with concrete. Last shown is another flexible sandal with sole.

4 inch Concrete form bench back with complex curves, and a 6 by 4 inch boat printed with no support shown floating in water! This Boat took about 60 minutes to print.

5 inch hexagon shape with cross-supports printed in free space. Also show is a hexagon with vertical printing to show weight optimized design capabilities.

Oval design that can be used as a form or brace.