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NCWCA will hold a virtual conference on March 6, 2021. More details to come soon!

Modesto Junior College is one of the oldest junior colleges remaining in California.

Photo courtesy of MJC's Digital Library

Update regarding NCWCA 2020

Dear NCWCA community,

As you know, the 2020 NCWCA conference had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had hoped to gather in person as a group on October 24, 2020, yet we now see that the pandemic continues to make large gatherings prohibitive. Many other conferences scheduled for fall 2020 (e.g., the International Writing Centers Association Conference) have been cancelled or further postponed.

We also understand that most of you will have limited funds for registration and may also be faced with travel restrictions. Due to all of these circumstances, the NCWCA board has decided to further adjust plans for the 2020 conference.

We now plan to combine the 2020 and 2021 conferences so the NCWCA conference for both years will be held during spring 2021 -- most likely in an online setting. Jeff Pressnell (San Joaquin Delta College) will be the 2021 conference chair and Erin Herold (Modesto Junior College) will continue as the 2020 conference chair.

Those who already had proposals accepted for the 2020 conference would have the opportunity to 1) present those at the combined online conference or 2) have their presentations posted on the NCWCA website.

An additional call and information about the spring conference will go out in late fall 2020 or early winter 2021. Our goal is to keep members of NCWCA active and connected and to make sure we can "gather" as a group even though money for travel and registration will be hard to come by.

Finally, the NCWCA will host some online meetings and gatherings during the next few months in order to further build a supportive community for writing center folks in our region. Please keep an eye out with details

If you have any questions about the conference postponement, please contact NCWCA co-presidents, Jeff Pressnell ( and Denise Krane ( You can also send messages to

Thank you very much,

The Northern California Writing Centers Association

Any NCWCA 2020 conference attendee who is affiliated with a writing center in the Northern California or Northern Nevada region may request scholarship assistance to help defray expenses. Currently scholarship funds are limited to covering conference registration fees. The deadline to submit a scholarship request is February 24th, 2020.