Nayoung Rim

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:

United States Naval Academy

Department of Economics

589 McNair Road

Annapolis, MD 21402

Office: (410)293-6884

Email: rim [at] usna [dot] edu

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Gender Inequality

Curriculum Vitae

Working Papers

The Effect of Title IX on Gender Disparity in Graduate Education [online appendix]

  • In 1960, 4% of U.S. lawyers and 7% of U.S. physicians were women. One potential explanation for few women in high-skilled occupations is informal graduate-school quotas for women. This paper examines whether Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which banned sex discrimination in admissions, was successful in reducing gender disparity in graduate education. I find a sharp and dramatic convergence of female and male graduate-degree fields coincident with Title IX's passage. This distributional change occurred as females predominantly moved into male-dominated fields and does not seem to be driven by gender-specific preferences.

The Gendered Effects of Career Concerns on Fertility (with Kyung Park)

  • A growing literature reveals that the adverse effect of children on career advancement falls disproportionately on women. This raises the possibility that women respond to career concerns by delaying family formation more than men. Using a panel dataset on lawyers, we find females are less likely to have their first child before the promotion decision. This fertility gap is not explained away by gender-based sorting or gender differences in marriage-timing and spousal occupation. Two channels drive our results: women bear child-rearing costs and gender-specific promotion thresholds. This implies the focus on the gender wage gap understates gender inequality in the labor market.
  • Press: HuffPost

Works in progress

Housing Booms, Busts, and the Added Worker Effect (with Dan A. Black and Kerwin K. Charles)

The Costs of Occupational Switching (with Nuno Paixao)