Helping Hands

Nathanael Lutheran Church & Friends

Day at The Banquet            

July 20, 2022

Travis & Bob

Emily & Abby



Bold Women's Sunday

February 26, 2023

Arla Roduner receiving quilt for years of dedication to NLC Quilters

Mary Erickson and Twyla Kroger presenting gift to Arla Roduner

Jessy Paulson

Guest Speaker

Janice Coleman

NLC W/ELCA President

Arla Roduner, Janice Coleman

Mary Erickson

Quilt Presentation

Arla Roduner

Dedicated Quilter

Nathanael Lutheran Church & Friends 

Day at The Banquet of Sioux Falls, SD

August 9, 2023

Pat and Chuck Sundstrom 

Celebrating their 72nd Wedding Anniversary