"Emotionally moving... I laughed and cried through the whole book. "

-Amazon Review

Second Kiss

Fifteen-year-old Gemma Mitchell thinks she's the biggest loser in school but her best friend, Jess Tyler, disagrees.

He's popular, good looking, athletic, and intelligent, and even though he could date any girl in school, it's Gemma's window that he's tossing rocks at each night.

Second to No ONe

Second to No One Gemma and Drew befriend the new girl in high school who admits her own crush on Jess. But Gemma can’t stake her claim on him, since she’s not sure he’s hers to claim.

When the new girl devises a plan to get Jess to kiss her, the old sparks between Gemma and Jess rise to the surface, at the risk of burning everyone within reach.

Last Second

Gemma never imagined that by the time she turned seventeen her simple smalltown life could fall apart so quickly.

It's apparent that the chance of being with Jess before they're both graduated from college is growing slim, which makes her new friendship with a boy at work confusing.

Should she find happiness in the opportunity that's right in front of her? Or will Jess be worth the wait?