Natalie's faith and membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the major influence for everything she does - including her books. She loves and respects other religions and everyone's choice to believe how they feel is right but in case you're curious about her and the church she loves here are a few of the major points of her beliefs:

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He suffered for our sins in Gethsemane and allowed himself to die for our sins. He was resurrected three days later and still lives today. Because of the sins of the people His church was taken from the earth for many years (i.e. the dark ages) but as promised He has offered us His gospel once more and promised it will not be taken again before He comes again.

Christ's church is restored. In the year 1820 Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Jospeh Smith and ultimately called him to be the first prophet of Christ's church in the latter days. Christ prophesied of this time in the New Testament and his apostles hoped the gospel would be restored soon in their day. The Savior always does what he promises to do but in his own timing. Today we have His true church on the earth again!

We have a true and living prophet on the earth again. Prophets aren't vintage. They are needed more now than ever. Our prophet today is President M. Russel Nelson. (Pictured is the prophet with his beautiful wife Sister Wendy Nelson)

Christ gave us The Book of Mormon. It is another testimony to the earth that Christ lives. The bible also testifies of this but some things have been changed through the years and it can be confusing. The Book of Mormon was translated into english by Joseph Smith through the power of God and is pure truth. Every page witnesses of Christ, His life, His mission and His love for you and me.

Families can be together forever. Death is not the end for us. Those we love who have passed away are still spiritually alive in heaven and we will see them again. They are near us and have a much greater understanding of the gospel than we do. They love us and can help us through life's trials.