Nanxi Lu

Thanks for your interests in learning more about my work and me.

Microbes live with and in us. The power and potentials of these largely invisible microbial worlds are beyond our understanding. I am fascinated by:

1) Population dynamics and functions: How the bacterial cells work in concert to achieve functional and structural outcomes as a whole? What are the potentials and functions of the bacterial populations?

2) Community assembly, dynamics, and stability: How microbial communities achieve coexistence, variability, and succession through the interplay of microbes and their environments? How microbial community invasion play out with the resident communities?

I consider research question-driven, and the answers beget more questions. I believe pursuing questions will bring answers to my curiosity.


  • Submitted new manuscript to BioRxiv: Cohesiveness in microbial community coalescence. Nanxi Lu, Alicia Sanchez-Gorostiaga, Mikhail Tikhonov and Alvaro Sanchez. BioRxiv (2018) doi: 10.1101/282723