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The body needs minerals to achieve a balanced metabolism, and promote the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients, but the body cannot create minerals on its own, and so needs to obtain it from outside sources. Picometer Water, containing a variety of ionized minerals and trace elements, does not have to go through the gastrointestinal digestion process, and can be directly absorbed by the body. The human body can also use ionized minerals to produce bio-electricity.

Human cells contain necessary unique minerals, and these minerals allow the body to be able to operate normally and grow healthily. Therefore, using nano technology, we are committed to the extraction of a wide range of trace mineral elements (germanium, selenium, platinum, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, etc.), that are essential for the human body, from purified natural minerals. It does not contain any other ingredients. The main purpose is to enhance there body's natural defense capabilities, and to promote cell regeneration.

Today, people are increasingly concerned about the composition of drinking water and their incompatibility with the human body. Trace mineral elements are natural, and are available in the field of biology. Therefore, it is very safe for the body to consume minerals.

Since ancient times, medical experts and nutritionists think that "water is the king of all medicine". It's better to use food rather than medicine to nourish the body, and it's better to use water rather than food to nourish the body. Water is the source of life, and is the basis for the survival of all living things. However, the current ecological environment of the Earth has been damaged, and water is badly polluted. Due to the changes in the molecular structure of water, the functionality of water has reduced and water is becoming harmful to human health. Nano Ion Water allows water to restore its function, and is suitable for nourishing the body.



人体细胞中含有必需的独特矿物质,这些矿物质让身体得以正常运行和健康生长。因此,我們致力于从净化的天然矿物中,以納米科技提取丰富的人体必需的离子化矿物质微量元素(鍺、 硒、鉑、镁、钾、铁、锌等),并且不含任何添加成份。以增强身体的天然防御能力,還能促進細胞再生。


自古以来医学专家及营养家都认为“水是百药之王,药补不如食补,食补不如水补”。水是生命之源,是万物生存的基础。然而,目前地球生态环境遭到破坏,水质污染严重。水分子结构变化,使水的功能降低,成為危害人体健康的杀手. 皮米离子水,能讓水的功能復原,是適合您的水补泉源。